Superior Conjunction, Sun Conjunct Mercury: Epiphany Day!

Posted on July 23, 2015
Updated on September 28, 2020

Do you need a breakthrough in some area of your life? If so, then astrology is here to help you out with that, no matter what area of your life you need a breakthrough with. Sometimes we just go through life, running through the motions and getting things done, all the while wondering why things aren’t working. Sometimes, getting through these challenges and grunt days is simply a matter of change. But you can’t change your day, or your life, unless you have clarity on what is really going on at the root of your problems. That’s where breakthroughs come in really handy. In order to experience a successful “breakthrough” though, you need to be open to your role in your everyday experience. Sometimes a simple idea is all you need to get past a current bump or hill in your life, but if you are not open to ALL possibilities, you might miss it. Today is a good day to keep an eye out for breakthroughs and clarity. We have a Superior Conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, both in Leo! Many astrologers believe this to be Epiphany Day!

Here we have the Sun, who shines on our ego and our personalities, getting its flirt on with Mercury, the intellectual messenger for the gods. Mercury is smart, fast, and always full of grand ideas. And they usually work! The Sun shines light on these ideas when it forms a Superior Conjunction with Mercury. And, with both of these planets in the zodiac sign of Leo, that means, the ideas are going to be bold, courageous, and full of passion, creativity, and fire. Can you see why we call this Epiphany Day! Do you want a major breakthrough in your life? Today could be the day! Here are some tips on that.

What is a Superior Conjunction?

A conjunction is simply a connection between two planets. They form a very small angle to each other, less than 10 degrees usually, and are very close to each other. When they are in conjunction with each other, the planets take on each other’s qualities and this tends to be a very harmonious astrological transit.

When we are talking the Sun and Mercury, it becomes a Superior Conjunction when this transit occurs when Mercury is moving direct. When Mercury is retrograde and this occurs, it is referred to as an Inferior Conjunction. The astrological significance of a Superior Conjunction comes with…what you do with this energy. When the Sun and Mercury form a Superior Conjunction, you are given an opportunity to truly visualize the brightest things in your future! This is why it is called Epiphany Day!

Mercury is an intellect, and the Sun is on your side and shining on your best traits and qualities. So when Mercury and Sun form a Superior Conjunction, this is the Universe pointing you towards all of the wonderful, intellectual things that can truly change your life! And yes, timing is everything. Today is the day, July 23, when Sun and Mercury form this Superior Conjunction. Prepare for breakthroughs of all kinds! And, with Mercury in play, you can expect that to come in the form of messages, communications, and intellectual ideas.

What to expect on Epiphany Day….

Mercury rules Air Signs who are the thinkers of the zodiac. And the Sun rules what really fuels your personality, ego, and drive in life. Today you can expect breakthroughs of all kinds. If you need a problem solved, or need some communications to go your way, use this transit, and your mental clarity, to make the changes you seek. Here are some things you can expect to happen today.

Clarity and Insight: Ideas will come to you in all forces today. Follow your instinct, and those hunches, and see where they take you.

Messages: As the messenger god, Mercury has important information for you. Keep an eye out for messages of great importance today. And, maybe you will even be the one that sends some breakthrough messages yourself.

Creativity Wins: Being an intellect, and joining forces with the dynamic and passionate Sun, creativity will peak today. Writers in particular are going to have great breakthroughs today, but so will anyone that is creative or driven by visionary ideas. If you are writing a book, story, or even an ad campaign, your creativity will be at a high. If you need to finish a project like this, use this day to do so. The ideas will seem endless!

What NOT to do on Epiphany Day….

Mercury is a karmic planet, in a way that is a bit different than other karmic planets like Saturn. Being an intellect requires some class. So going at people with anger and frustration, when things aren’t going YOUR way, will backfire. That’s just one example of what NOT to do on Epiphany Day. Here are a few more.

Check your Ego at the Door: Enough said, right? The Sun is all about the ego, and sometimes let’s admit it, Mercury is too. But you won’t win if you are looking for an epiphany and feeling entitled to it. This is one of those transits where ideas literally come to you. Forcing them, because you think you are owed a breakthrough, will backfire.

Don’t be a participant: Mercury is one of the fastest planets, and thus everything it rules moves quickly. Even when Mercury is retrograde! Being a participant and just waiting for the miracles is not going to work in this transit. You need to get up and DO. Be creative, be artistic, be intellectual, study what you need, research the ideas that come to you, then act on them. Waiting for it to just….happen….is going to leave you very lonely, and frustrated, and without any grand epiphany to save the day.

Ignore nothing: As much as you need to be an active participant on Epiphany Day, you need to review on every message or idea that comes your way. Take your time with it. Read every message you get in your in box, check every voicemail, open every letter in your mail box, and then do something about it. Mercury wants you to be active. There are some transits you can just sit and do nothing and wait for the miracles. This is not one of them. You need to review everything that comes your way today. There are miracles and breakthroughs in your messages, but you won’t see them if you are deleting everything or tossing the mail aside.

And there you have it. Everything you need to know to make sure that today you have all of the epiphanies your heart desires and craves. Do you need a big change in your life? Then pay attention today. Check your ego, follow your hunches, don’t be entitled, and review every message that comes your way. Did you have any epiphanies today? Where do you need breakthroughs in your life?

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