Supermoon Full Moon in Taurus: Forecast says, Get Your Sexy On

Posted on October 24, 2015
Updated on November 25, 2020

It’s Full Moon time again! And isn’t it loverly that we get our Full Moon this month in the same week as Halloween! It’s going to be extra ghostly this year. But this year, come October 27, our Full Moon, which is also a full Harvest Moon, brings with it a host of promises and blessings that are going to touch relationships. And that’s a good thing for those wishing to see their current relationship status get a little boost, no matter what your current relationship status is. We are also seeing this month’s Full Moon being flirted with by Neptune, the romantic planet of dreams and fantasy. This brings to your Full Moon a heightened sensitivity to all things emotional. And with the Moon being an emotional body to begin with, you can expect to see those emotions all over the place this coming week. What you want to do is to make sure that those emotions are falling in allllll of the right places. So for this Full Moon in Taurus, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get your sexy on. And when you do, wait for it. Those Full Moon wishes are closer than you think. How can you make the most of the Full Moon in Taurus this month? You can start getting ready right now!

Themes for the Supermoon Full Moon in Taurus

• What? This is a Full Moon in Taurus which is also a Supermoon. This means that the Moon is closer to the Earth than it usually is during its Full Moon cycle. What that means in English then is that you will be feeling its effects more intensely than usual, with the Moon this “close” to the Earth.

• Where? This Super Moon is happening in Taurus, and holds a relationship with the New Moon cycle begun two weeks ago with the New Moon in Libra. Both of these signs, Libra and Taurus, are ruled by Venus. This means all themes Venus will be very important during this Full Moon cycle, and that means love, money, and all of the saucy and sexy things you can think of.

• Who? All zodiac signs will be affected, but Taurus and Libra will feel this energy most.

• When? This Full Moon occurs on October 27 in Western Hemisphere and on October 28 in the Eastern Hemisphere. Remember, we have this energy from 48 hours prior to 48 hours following the Full Moon event, meaning we have this energy from October 25 to October 29, or October 26 to October 30, depending on the area of the world that you live in.

How to Get Your Sexy on for the Saucy Full Moon in Taurus!

• Think relationships. If ever you have been waiting for the astrological transit that can help you elevate your relationship status, this supermoon is the one. Full Moons always are, as they have a pre-existing relationship themselves with the New Moon that occurred 2 weeks prior. But this Full Moon is in Taurus, and the New Moon was in Libra, and those are both very committed and relationship-oriented zodiac signs. We are also seeing a conjunction between Venus, Mars, and Jupiter during this transit putting an extra emphasis on relationships. Want to elevate things in love? This is the week to make some big moves! ALL of us will be feeling it, so don’t be surprised if someone else makes a move on you before you have a chance to even realize what is happening. And do enjoy.

• Harvest time! What seeds did you plant during the New Moon in Libra two weeks ago? It’s time to see what fruits they are going to blossom for you. Take a look back over the past few weeks and think about what you started in the way of projects or situations in your current relationships. What can you bring to fruition on these matters? Fine tune, tweak, and complete those projects and conversations that need to be completed. What will you harvest under this Full Moon?

• Prepare for a wakeup. Full Moons illuminate. They shed light and provide information on matters that once perplexed you. Expect some of this to come up during this period. With this light you will have more clarity on these matters than ever before. You will be able to see imbalance in partnerships and where discord in relationships occurs. If you are in tuned with your own authentic intentions, those that aren’t will soon be revealed. Preparing for this wakeup call now could save you some stress down the road.

• Dreams can, and will, come true. Having a Neptune placement in conjunction with a Full Moon means some issues ruled by Neptune will come to a close, to fruition, or come full circle. Because Neptune rules dreams and fantasies, that means for some, some dreams are about to come true. It’s not too good to be true, if it happens to you. It’s the real deal. If you are hoping for some dreams to come true in relationships, tell your partner or the one you are crushing on that you had a dream about them last night. Then tell them every juicy detail about the dream, and make sure it is something that you actually want to happen. Doesn’t have to happen during your sleep. If you day dreamed about it, just as good. Neptune does not discriminate on day or night dreams. Just make sure you actually day dream it, or night dream it. Then spill the juicy details with your partner or lover, and watch those dreams come to life. Think I’m joking? Try it. You’ll like it. Promise. And do report back!

• Subtlety gets you everywhere. As we mentioned, there is a magical aspect happening in conjunction, literally, with this Full Moon. This is a Full Moon that is forming a lovely sextile with the planet of dreams and fantasy, Neptune. So relationship matters, and those especially that are heightened with some fantasies provided by Neptune, will experience some magic under this period. You will find that this is not an aggressive relationship aspect. So if you are hoping to make a big bold move in love under this Full Moon, hold off. Neptune is soft, and sweet, and romantic. And also subtle! It’s all about creating the illusion of romance, and just putting out those sexy and saucy vibes in super subtle ways. We all will be feeling more compassionate under this Full Moon. So when you soften your approach, and enter relationship matters with this compassionate tone, magic happens. Wait for it.

• Follow your gut. Neptune is very busy under this transit and we keep saying that for a reason. It’s a big one! Neptune works on our illusions, dreams, and fantasies, but also on our Other World. That would be our Inner World. If you have some you time under this transit, and especially if you are single, use this you time to work for you. Follow your instinct and listen to the psychic and intuitive messages that Neptune is sending you. Lucid dreaming is possible under this transit, and that is the experience of dreaming, and knowing that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. Your psychic gifts will be on high alert, use them! Look for areas and experiences where you feel confident, because the Sun is trining Neptune at the same time and giving you that little extra boost of confidence that you need to feel good about all of the subtle and saucy moves that you are making in relationships during this time. If it feels good, and you feel great and on top of the world, that’s your intuition and psychic senses giving you the green light. Go for it! How are you going to go for it under this Full Moon?

• Express your desires, and they will be fulfilled. We keep saying that your dreams are going to come true in relationships under this transit. And some of them will be subtle, and you may not notice them right away until some time down the road someone sweet surprises you with something sweet. But some of them are going to be pretty major as well. In addition to all of this lovely Neptune energy we have going on, we have a marvelous conjunction between Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. This is lucky strike energy when it comes to the game of love! And with this extra energy under the October 2015 Full Moon, that means magic in romance is literally in the air. You can use this energy to your advantage by simply asking for what you want in love. Have you lately? Or have you suppressed those desires because you don’t want to seem greedy or with high expectations? You can let those fears go under the Super Moon Full Moon in Taurus. Ask, and you shall receive. And believe it or not, but if you are attached, your lover or partner is really hoping you make those requests, because under this transit they are more inclined to want to make you happy. All they need to know is, how! So tell ‘em! You are very likely to get exactly what you want, but, you do need to ask.

• Believe that it’s happening. It’s not too good to be true. Expect to be experiencing a lot of really feel good vibes under the Full Moon in Taurus. These are the kind that make you feel secure and comfortable in your experiences, whether that is in work or in love. And with the Venus and Jupiter trine chiming in with some Neptune love, there is a lot of ooey gooey good going around under the October 2015 Full Moon. So use it! Don’t question it! It’s there and it is happening for a reason, and doubting it will only make all of that ooey gooey goodness disappear. Believe that all of this wonderful magic is coming your way, and accept that you are WORTH it, and deserve the abundance of love and success that Universe wants to offer you right now. Believe it, and embrace it, and watch the magic unfold.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know to harness the magic that is coming your way next week under the Full Moon in Taurus. We have a lot of planets chiming in on this one, and that will only mean good things if you use the energy wisely. How are you going to get your saucy on under the October 2015 Full Moon in Taurus? What are your Full Moon wishes?

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