The End of Scorpio - Law of Attraction and Releasing Attachment to the Outcome

Posted on November 15, 2017
Updated on March 10, 2021

Have you ever heard the old expression, “A watched pot never boils”? Many of us are going through the motions of life with our eyes glued to that pot of water waiting for it to boil up some miracles in our life. The longer we stare at it, the longer it takes.

The Law of Attraction states that by releasing your attachment to the outcome, your pot of water is going to boil faster, and you’re going to see the results in your life that you want, sooner. You’re going to feel better too, so this is what we’re going to look at today.

Stop Obsessing—The End of Scorpio

The zodiac signs that have the most problems with this concept are the fixed signs, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus. These signs we love to love because they are loyal to the end. But sometimes these signs get stuck on their loyalty, when they should really be moving on, focusing or re-directing their attention to something else.

We had a lot of Scorpio energy going on the past few weeks, and we’re going to have more of it in the weeks to come. With the Sun in Scorpio, all kinds of light is being shone onto our obsessions and fixations, and we are all feeling it.

There is nothing wrong with really being focused on a goal. If it’s all you can think about though, this is a concept that is impeding your success and your progress. The Law of Attraction states that yes, what you focus on grows.

If you’re focusing on wanting something, the only thing that’s going to grow is your desire for the outcome. The next step in deciding what to focus on when working towards your success, is to release your attachment to the outcome. This is hard for a lot of us.

Our fixed sign friend Scorpio is the ruler of the eighth house, which is a house all about mysteries and secrets, transformations and change. The lessons we learned when the Scorpio energy is abundant is that embracing change is the only way we can succeed.

If you’re standing at your stove staring at that watched pot and waiting for it to boil, you’re not being successful with anything. Releasing attachment to the outcome means accepting that the pot of water is going to boil if you have taken the step of putting water in the pot, and turning the heat on the stove.

Standing there obsessing about it isn’t going to change the rate at which it boils for you. The same goes in your daily life.

Are You Too Obsessed?

You know you’re too attached to the outcomes of your goals if that’s all you can think about. If you’re using the word “need” a lot, then you’re too obsessed about your goal. Common every day examples are, “I need to have this boyfriend right now.” Or, “I need to have this text returned right now or I’m going to go loco.”

Getting upset about a text that hasn’t even happened yet is impeding your progress. Getting obsessed about having a boyfriend right now is impeding your progress.

Release your attachment to the outcome and just do what you need to do to achieve that goal. In other words, don’t become obsessed about needing something. You are much more productive if you become obsessed about the work you need to do to get those things in your life.

What Does Releasing Attachments to Outcomes Mean?

A lot of people get confused by this phrase. What does it mean to release your attachment to outcome? Well, it means your own sense of well-being isn’t dependent on the outcome.

In other words, if you set your pot of water to boil, and sit there staring at it for 20 minutes deciding that if that pot doesn’t boil in a timely manner you are going to be angry, sad, guilty, or feel bad about yourself overall.

This is exactly why having an emotional attachment to outcomes is unproductive. You are not a bad person if your “pot of water” doesn’t boil when you wanted it to. You’re not a bad person if your goals don’t happen precisely when you want them to. This is the trap we set ourselves up for when we engage attachments to outcomes.

Releasing your attachment outcomes is really just that. Channel your inner Elsa from frozen and just “let it go.” Get your pot, get your water, turn the stove on, set the water down, and let it go. You’ve done all you can do to reach the goal of boiling water. Watching it will change nothing.

Release your attachment to the outcome, and move on to something else you could be productive on. The Law of Attraction states that when you do this, you see success that much faster. What you focus on, goals wise, grows.

Benefits of Activating this Law of Attraction Principle

When you release your emotional attachments to tangible goals and successes, a chain reaction is ignited within you, and within the universe. Your inner energy changes completely, and so does the path to your success. You’re also that much more likely to achieve your outcome faster. Why is that?

Well let’s play out a little scenario of a woman who wants to hear from the man that she’s interested in. She hasn’t heard from him in a while, so she sent him a little text expecting to hear back. First off, the only reason she texted him was so she can hear back and receive personal validation that her relationship is in a good place.

This is not a good reason to communicate with someone you love. You’re setting yourself up for failure right off the bat, if this is how you are approaching your own personal goal of boiling water, whatever that boiling water goal is. She’s already emotionally attached to the outcome of hearing back from him.

If she doesn’t hear back from him we already know she’s going to get upset. Let’s say she shoots out this text, and waits and waits and waits, watching that pot of water and waiting for it to boil. What’s happening while she’s doing this, is that she gets more upset with every passing minute.

The guy she just texted hasn’t even done anything wrong yet! By the time he does text her back, it’s happened in a time frame that is longer than what her expectations or outcomes were planned for in her mind, and she lights into him. Then the guy feels confused, frustrated, possibly even angry and doesn’t want to text her back again.

Now, if she had just gone into that whole situation without an expectation or attachment on the outcome of hearing back from him, they might’ve ended up having a beautiful and lovely conversation. Instead, she became fixated on her pot of boiling water, and then when it boiled over, it really boiled over.

This is why releasing your attachment to outcomes is so important. It saves you a lot of personal grief for one thing, and it’s also just a more productive way to live.

Another really good benefit of doing this is you just feel better right away as soon as you release that attachment. Nobody actually likes being fixated and obsessed about something that isn’t happening. Not even the fixed signs!

When you release your attachment to the outcome you feel better, and you also become a healthier person emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. When you’re sitting there stewing about your outcome, you are creating all kinds of stress endorphins and hormones that just aren’t really good for you and all.

When you release those attachments, when you just really let go and just await your outcome to arrive, you feel better in every sense of the word. The reason for this is flow. Energy flow is a very important component of the Law of Attraction, and we’ve talked about it before.

When you feel good and things are moving along at a nice pace in your day, and in your life, you are in the right flow of energy. When you’re standing there with your elbows propped up on the counter staring at a pot of water angrily or with frustration, there is no flow. There are no good things to talk about.

You’re stuck, and so is your spiritual energy. If you want to keep your spiritual energy on the plane where miracles happen, we need to stay in flow, and stay in a happy place that isn’t being blocked or impeded in anyway. You really need to make a conscious effort not to be your own worst enemy.

Concluding thoughts….

With so much fixed sign energy in Scorpio in play right now, it’s very easy to become fixated and obsessed about goals in life. The Sun is shining on all of those obsessive thoughts. If you’re trying to achieve actual goals in your life, you will get there that much faster when you release your emotional attachments to practical outcomes and practical goals.

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on grows, and that means if you’re obsessing about negative things, you’re only going to increase negativity in your life. Stay in the flow, keep your energy levels clean and pure and positive, and release those attachments in a healthy way.

Where do you feel like you need to work on this the most? What pot of water are you staring at right now?

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