The Year of the Sheep: How to Make the Most of 2015!

Posted on December 06, 2014
Updated on September 03, 640831

When it comes to Chinese astrology, we’re currently in the Year of the Horse and will be until February 2015. Have you harnessed the horse energy to gallop full speed ahead towards your dreams? Or did the wild stallion pull you in the wrong direction?

An Entirely Different (And Easier!) Energy in the Year of the Sheep!

2015 is the year of the wood sheep. This may not strike you as being quite as exciting as the year of the horse or dragon, but sometimes it’s nice to slow things down. The upcoming Sheep year has a gentler energy, and contains earth and wood energies, along with some fire energy too.

What does that mean for you? It means this year may bring to fruition all those seeds you’ve been cultivating for the last two years. So if you’ve had bad luck, or faced lots of obstacles, during 2013 and 2014, this year can be a turning point, as long as you know how to work with sheep energy.

Fortune, Luck & Magic Surround Sheep Years!

Sheep are extremely trusting and see only the positive, even when things go wrong. This is perfect energy for working with the Law of Attraction because, thanks to your greater access to love and gentleness, life’s bumps are smoothed easier.

Ever Felt Like the “Black Sheep”?

Have you ever found yourself going along with what you don’t want just to avoid being the “black sheep”? It’s important to know when it’s time to go with the flock and when it’s time to walk to the beat of your own drum, even more so during the year of the Sheep, when being a “sheeple” will keep your dreams at a distance.

Time to Get Real ...

Have you been expressing your true desires? It can be confusing to know when to take action, especially after this intense year of the horse, when your actions may have taken you further down a road than you expected ....whether you wanted to go there or not!

If you had a crystal ball and knew the exact timing for when to step up and into your greatest dreams, then the question you’d want to answer first is this, Where in your life are you no longer willing to be sheepish? When you know this, you’ll know what steps you need to take next.

Perfect Timing to Drop those Limiting Patterns ... For Good!

Have you been inauthentic for fear that you wouldn’t be accepted by the group? Are you ready to break free? We each have something that is so precious to us that it’s worth it to step outside the box, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Once you get outside the self-imposed boundary of what you believe is acceptable, you’ll experience a whole new level of freedom. And that’s when you have the power to help and inspire others ....maybe even those very special loved ones you were afraid you’d alienate.

If you had a “crystal ball” and knew the exact timing for when to step up and into your greatest dreams, what action would you take right now? Let us know below!

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