3 Helpful Tips for Working with a Gemini

Posted on May 30, 2016
Updated on December 01, 2020

Gemini: May 21 - June 20
Element: Air
Quality: Mutable

Workplace relationships can be difficult. How you relate to your boss and coworkers can dictate how much you like (or dislike) your job. While it’s rare that you can completely control who your coworkers are, you can learn to better manage your relationships with them, with just a small piece of information — like their zodiac sign.

Geminis, for instance, are known for having a lot of nervous energy and a lack of patience. They always seem like they’re on the go, dashing around doing something important — even if they’re just checking their phone! Interestingly, Geminis often view this frantic pacing as a personality strength. So what can you do to make a good impression?

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Give a Gemini some Space

Don’t waste time trying to guess what they’re going to do next. Remember, Gemini is the sign of the twins. You’re never going to know which twin they’re going to be that day, or even in the next moment. Basically, expect them to be somewhat unpredictable.

This doesn’t mean that your new workmate isn’t friendly. They’re probably very friendly, and outgoing and eager to get along with others. They’re also quite quick-witted, and they can be really fun to be around. Just don’t get too comfortable with them. After all, you’re colleagues, and you need to keep that professional distance. Your new teammate will respect you for it in the long run.

Thick Skin is a Benefit

Don’t take things too much to heart. Remember, this person is always going to be playing the line of good twin / bad twin. One day they may compliment you, the next day criticize you, the next day not talk to you at all and the next day act as if nothing ever happened. They’re not fickle, mind you. They’re just very erratic when it comes to consistency, and that enigmatic energy is part of their charm.

If you’re going to handle the relationship with your Gemini co-worker well, learn to go along with them where it makes sense. Their quirkiness will make them interesting, and things will most certainly never be dull! Just know that you may be working with a different personality every day. They’ll learn to trust you and depend on you as someone who is cooperative and reliable, and that will lead you to see the good twin more often than the more challenging one.

Show that You’re On the Same Team

The key to working with a Gemini is understanding that they likely have a deep personal and private side. You’ll have to accept that. In doing so, be ready to be an ‘ideas’ person, because another way to win a Gemini’s favor is to keep up with their mental agility. Boredom will be a big turn off for this person, so keep up with them and inspire them. Share your better ideas, but be sure to share the limelight every now and then. They’ll actually appreciate that they’ve got someone on their team who is on a par with in the wit and wisdom department.

Don’t take it personally if you’re ‘flavor of the month’ in one moment and yesterday’s news the next. Geminis like to have an audience, as they’re people persons at heart, and loneliness bothers them. Even though you’re getting along well, your Gemini colleague may drift to court favor elsewhere, to save them from ever being alone.

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Be Genuine & Generous

All in all, working a Gemini isn’t really that difficult. Just stay on their good side, and let them do what they need to do. Don’t gossip or be suspicious of them, for that will turn them off you faster than you’ll know what hit you. Court their favor and you’ll find that the mood swings they shows to others may not be so drastic with you — Geminis are idealistic and considerate to those who win their approval.

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