Do’s and Don’ts For Harnessing Luck With Jupiter in Leo!

Posted on April 09, 2015
Updated on July 03, 2020

Are you hoping for a little bit of luck to come your way? We’ve been talking about luck a lot lately, and that is because Spring has made its way into our lives! And Spring is one of the luckiest seasons of them all, for sooooo many reasons. Have you Sprung forward yet? Are you excited and thrilled about a host of new beginnings that are on their way? Or, are you hoping to get excited but just aren’t really sure how to harness that excitement to its fullest potential?

The transit we will be discussing today is Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter has been in Leo all year long actually, starting in August 2014. But for the past 4 months Jupiter has been retrograde. For many, over the long winter months, that meant that luck felt a little….slow. Sound familiar? Well starting today, Jupiter begins forward motion in Leo again, and all of that slow-mo luck energy is going to turn around. So if you are feeling the little buzzzzz of luck, and aren’t really sure why, thank Jupiter! So let’s have a look at that shall we?

1. DO Feel Spring, DON’T Take Winter With You.

The past few months have been difficult for those wishing to get lucky in almost any area of their life. That’s Winter for ya! But we also had Jupiter retrograde during those four long Winter months, and this has not helped anyone at all. The unfortunate thing about that is that some people let this get to them. And, when Spring comes around, sometimes it’s hard to get out of that funk. We are saying, snap out of it!

We always say, nothing lasts forever, especially when it comes to astrology. For everything there is a season, and Winter is over folks! We know it’s normal to feel a little down in the dumps after long, cold months have slammed you hard. But how YOU react to that is YOUR choice. It’s not what happens to you! It’s what you choose! So, choose NOT to get bogged down by Jupiter retrograde, because that season is OVER. Choose happy and mark my words, you choose more luck! Try it, you’ll see.

2. DO Clear your plate, DON’T Just Pretend To.

The best way to harness luck is to make sure your plate is clean. Are you still feeling overwhelmed by problems from the Winter that haven’t gone away? Make them go away! Deal with it, and put it in the past! When you do, you create room for abundance, miracles, and luck! So let go of all of the things that have been weighing you down. Try this exercise.

Write all of your problems on individual pieces of paper. Then, put all of those pieces of paper inside a balloon. Fill it up, tie up the knot, and then go somewhere where you can release the balloon into the Universe. Let it go…let it go…let it go….When you put your problems in the hands of the Universe, they magically go away. Now, if your mortgage payment was one of those problems for example, or you have an issue that is practical like that, this is not going to disappear with your balloon release. But you will still have the feeling like your problem has lifted somewhat. Now, go back to your desk or life and take care of your mortgage. It will seem easier because you have released the stress of the problem.

3. DO Plan Your Luck, DON’T Allow Negative Thoughts.

Luck is luck, and it comes in lucky strikes that we usually aren’t expecting. But did you know that you can plan your luck too? That’s right! The first few days that Jupiter is moving forward again in Leo will still feel on the slow side. Jupiter needs to make a station, which is a planetary full stop. After that, it begins the forward motion again. That happens today, April 9, and will have a slow forward movement effect for a couple of days. This is a great time to plan your luck!

Decide where you want your lucky strikes to occur! And yes, put it on paper. Take some time to review what has gone well, and what hasn’t over the long Winter months. Then, when you are planning your lucky strikes, decide how you want those things to change. As you write them down, really visualize what those lucky strikes are going to look like, taste like, feel like, smell like, in your life. When you do, you will begin to feel lucky again. You’ve already released into the Universe what has been holding you back, so no negative thoughts allowed here, okay? If you get stuck here, you haven’t completed step two properly.

4. DO Feel Your Way Through It, DON’T Overthink It.

Jupiter is the god of luck, and so this is not a rational and logical process. Overthinking this is going to be your downfall! Feel your way through it, and especially with all of this lovely energy from Leo chiming in. Leo is all about abundance, confidence, generosity, kindness, and all sorts of warm and happy thoughts and things. Feel your way through this transit. And do NOT overthink it. A good rule of thumb here is that if it feels good, go for it! If it does not, then do not.

DON’T get caught up in the trap of overthinking. We have a tendency to do this when we are trying to create our own destiny. Remember that you have already released all that is holding you back, and you have planned your lucky strikes! Focusing on the negative, or worrying that you aren’t “doing it right” is only going to hold you back even more. NO worry allowed! Feel your way through this one, follow your heart, but even more importantly, listen to it first! Be honest about what you want and go after it! Again, negative thoughts are NOT allowed!

5. DO Honor Your Inner Child, DON’T Ignore Signs.

With the transit of Jupiter in Leo we have two very important themes you definitely want to harness when it comes to capturing luck. Leo is one of the most playful zodiac signs, and it doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are, you can and should be playful now too. So honor that inner child! Play, be free, exercise that free spirit of yours that is aching to get out! Go to the park and watch kids play if you don’t have any of your own, and don’t bring any problems with you! Cherish that inner child of yours that is naive, innocent, and just wants to play. It’s Spring! Enjoy it.

You also don’t want to ignore any signs from the Universe at this time of year. Jupiter is the god of serendipity, and this means that all sorts of lucky strikes and serendipitous moments are going to come your way this time of year. They will be very lucky for you, but only IF you are paying attention. Maybe you have even experienced some of these already? Happy coincidences coming your way? Or does it feel like you keep seeing the same number, the same job opportunity, the same house address, the same street name even? There’s a reason for all of those signs. Ignoring them could mean missed opportunities.

And there you have it folks. Your 5 tips on harnessing the magical energy of Jupiter in Leo as it comes out of retrograde! And you will have this awesome energy not just for Spring, but for most of the Summer too. So, enjoy it while you have it! How are you going to harness luck this Spring with Jupiter in Leo? Have you already experienced some of those signs and lucky strikes? Do tell!

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