Totem Stones: How to Identify and Work With Yours by the Zodiac Sign, Season, and Element!

Posted on December 10, 2014
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Not long ago, we looked at how to connect with your totem animal. Most people are familiar with the idea of totems as guides and guardians, and it’s easy to see how animals can fit that role. We’ve seen the totem poles of the Pacific Northwest, we’re familiar with Athena’s owl, and we’ve seen the familiars and animal guides in the movies or read about them in books. Did you know that you can have stones as totems, too?

Some cultures call these ‘medicine stones.’ These are stones, also known as crystals, that bring their healing or magical qualities to those who carry them. Sometimes these stones are passed down, elder to child. Sometimes they are given during rites of passage, or even as gifts on special occasions. It isn’t how the stones are acquired that is important, it is how they are used.

It is easy to tap into the properties of these stones, but how do you know where to start? Well, just like working with your totem animals, there are stones, according to Sun Bear, again, that are your birthright. Just like totem animals, there are stone that resonate with the month that you were born. These don’t have anything to do with the modern birthstones, by the way, although there is no reason why your birthstone cannot also be your totem stone, if you resonate with it.

Let’s take a closer look at totem stones, starting with Sun Bear’s ideas. Just like with the totem animals, you have a stone that relates to the season in which you were born, the astrological element under which you were born (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water), and then your actual zodiac sign. These are the totem stones that are with you from birth. There are others that you can use throughout your life, according to what you feel drawn to using, or what you need from your stone allies at the time.

Totem Stones by The Season

• If you were born in the Spring (Aries, Taurus, Gemini), then red pipestone, also known as catlinite, is one of your totem stones. This is a stone that helps you find your truth and your clarity, and brings with it the potential for wisdom and understanding. This is the stone that makes the bowls of the ‘peace pipes’ that you’ve seen Native Americans smoking in the movies. If this is one of your birth totems, it can help you to unlock your authentic self and find your spiritual path. If it is not one of your birth totems, but it is calling to you, then it is coming to teach you guidance and communication with your other totems.

• A Summer birth (Cancer, Leo, Virgo) means that serpentine is one of your totem stones. This is another stone that has been used to make pipe bowls, other ornaments, and carvings. It brings a mysterious and playful energy into your life. If this is one of your birth totem stones, then you are likely to be warm, magnanimous, and charismatic. When these crystals call you to work with it, then it is asking that you lay aside your fears, embrace your authentic self, and prepare yourself for the work that needs to be done for you to reach your goals.

• The totem stone for the Autumn months is soapstone, and if you were born at this time of year (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius), then it will be one of your natural totems. It’s a very strengthening stone, and it can help you stay fresh and focused on what you want to achieve. If soapstone is coming to you as an ally, know that it is asking you to cleanse away the obstacles that are in your path, and it is asking you to take on the role as a teacher or some kind of a mentor.

Winter’s totem stone is alabaster, and as a Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces, then this is one of your natal totem stones. Alabaster will share with you the strength that comes with compassion, and the peace that comes with true acceptance. If this stone is seeking your company, then it is coming into your life to teach you humility, the power in vulnerability, and the freedom that comes with genuine forgiveness.

Totem Stones by The Elements

Just as every zodiac sign has a season, every zodiac sign also has an element: Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. People of the same element usually get along together, because they resonate on the same vibration. There are stones and crystals that resonate with the elements, too. You have a totem stone for your element, just like you have one for your season.

Fire is the element of the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. It’s no surprise that the totem stone for fire is lava rock. These stones are formed when the fires deep in the earth’s core meet the surface. Lava rocks, such as pumice or basalt, have long been used to enhance warmth and stimulation. If this stone comes calling to you, then it wants you to start opening yourself up to your creativity.

• The element of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn is Earth. The stone here is petrified wood, a stone that was once a living tree, which became fossilized. Petrified wood calls you to look at the natural law, the natural order of things, and to find balance in all situations. To be chosen by a piece of petrified wood is to be asked to embrace your maturity, and to calm yourself in preparation for the next stage in your spiritual evolution.

• If you are Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, then you are an Air element. The totem stone that represents this is the beautiful blue azurite. This stone can help you to develop your psychic senses, and help you make decisions and choices. When it calls you to work with it, then you’re being asked to re-examine your beliefs and tenets, and be open to deeper insight.

• The Water signs of the zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and the totem stone here is river rock. This doesn’t have to be a particular mineral, just any stone that has been washed smooth by flowing fresh water. This stone can help you on your journey to wholeness, for just as the water made the rock smooth, working with this rock can help you to calm and to bring peace to jagged emotions. When river rock asks to be your helper, it is telling you to calm down and to soothe old emotional wounds, replacing them with peace and understanding.

Totem Stones by The Zodiac Signs


Your totem stone is the beautiful and flashy fire opal. This stone can help you to connect to the element of fire, and to the Sun. As a birth totem, it reflects the fire and warmth that Aries exudes. If it is calling to you to work with it, it is asking you to take a more active and dynamic role in creating the life you want to live.


Chrysocolla is the stone that is your birth totem. This is a healing stone that can help you to find your voice. It’s a great stone with which to work when you have something to say and you want to make sure you are heard. If it is not a birth totem, but has chosen to help you all the same, then it has come to bring you stability, and help you to find your place in life.


The totem stone for Gemini is the moss agate. This is a wonderful stone for cultivating peace and tranquility. As your birth totem, it will help you to think clearly so that you can apply your intellect to your greatest advantage. If it is calling to you as an ally, then it can help you remove obstacles that may be separating what you think from what you do.


Your natal totem stone is the beautiful red carnelian. It may seem an odd choice, a red and fiery stone as the totem for a water sign, but this stone is here to help you find your fire, and ignite your passion. If carnelian has chosen to work with you, know that you are learning to open your heart, yet keep it protected from those who would want to break it.


The stone for this sign is the deep red garnet. Garnets are worn for protection and are said to help prevent nightmares. As a totem, this stone brings to you strength of character. If garnet is not your natal totem, but instead has chosen to be your ally, it will bring you tenacity, integrity, and discernment.


Your birth totem is the beautiful purple amethyst. This is a very spiritual stone, and echoes Virgo’s call to service. As a totem this stone brings healing and spiritual growth. As an ally it is very gentle, and is a good stone to wear if you are just starting to learn about crystals and their healing. Amethyst brings a balance and creates a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual realms.


Jasper is Libra’s birth totem, and jasper comes in many colors. Wear red for invigoration, yellow for positive action, and green to soothe the emotions. Brecciated jasper can help you follow a call to action, while picture jasper’s energies are soothing and grounding. If this stone has called to you, it is asking you to think clearly and make sound decisions.


The beautiful and soothing green malachite is the natural totem for Scorpio. The energy of Scorpions is very passionate and dynamic. Malachite brings peace and soothing to that energy so that it can be channeled in the right directions. If malachite is seeking your company, then know that it is bringing to you a gift of peace and healing and helps you to tap into your psychic abilities.


Obsidian is the birth totem for you. Obsidian comes in many colors and sheens but it is the snowflake obsidian that resonates the most soundly with you. Obsidian is born of fire, like Sagittarians are, and the snowflake patterns on it help to cool that fire so that it can be focused in a constructive way. If obsidian is calling you, then it is bringing to you protection and a path to self-respect and acceptance.


Your natal totem is the beautiful clear quartz. I could write a whole article on the different types of quartz and how it can be used. Quartz is a magnifier, and will amplify whatever energy is put into it. It is asking you to allow your energies to flow. If quartz is not your birth totem, but is seeking to be your ally, then know that it is opening channels of communication and development for you.


Your natal totem isn’t a stone, but rather, it is a mineral, and it is silver. Silver is communicative, protective, and helps your natural energies to flow. As a power ally, silver calls you to develop your psychic skills, and awaken your spirit to its highest calling in this incarnation.


Turquoise is the stone that is the natural totem for the sign of the fish. This stone is considered lucky, and was often given to people who were going to see their healers and doctors. As your totem, it helps you to open up to your natural sensitivity. As an ally from the mineral realm, turquoise can bring to you a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the universe.

You can work with your totem stones in much the same way that you can work with your totem animals as listed in the previous article. Wear them as jewelry, have figurines of them or even the raw rocks on your altar or your bedside table, carry pieces in your purse or pocket, or put them under your pillow to influence you as you sleep. There are many ways with which you can work with your totem stones, and any other power stones which want to come to help you in your life. Every stone vibrates on a different frequency, and brings a different quality to you when you work with it. What are some of your favorite stones, and how do you use them in your life? I look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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