Beneficial Thought: Sun Trines Neptune - Understanding the 5 Most Common Dream Symbols

Posted on July 05, 2018

One of the oldest and most ancient uses of psychic work has been through the use of dream interpretation. The Sun trines Neptune on July 8, and during this time you will find the portal to your dreams opens just a little wider. Today we are going to talk about some of the most common themes found in dreams, so that you too can start tapping into your Higher Self.

Many of the first psychics would receive visions in dreams that would later come to pass or manifest in their waking life. In the Bible many prophets spoke of dreams that they received or visions that they had. In the contemporary day, dream content and dream symbolism is still used to help people grow and learn on their path of enlightenment. Many other religions do the same. Buddhism rests almost exclusively on the ancient meanings of symbolism in everything from dreams to everyday animal symbols.

How many times have you woken up from a dream and thought, what the heck was THAT about?

Here are some of the most common dream symbols and their relative meanings to help you start to better understand your own dreams and undergo dream interpretation to understand their meanings.

July 8: Sun Trines Neptune

Now is a good time to talk about dreams, because we have some fun transits in play right now that are opening the portal to that dream world. On July 8, we have the Sun forming a loving transit with dreamy Neptune and that is shining a light on the clues in your dreams. The Sun is the luminary body in our solar system that shines a light on the things that we need to know and do to be successful in our lives. It also represents our sense of Self that the world sees.

Neptune, on the other hand, is the planet that rules watery and emotional Pisces. It is the planet that inspires your dreams, both waking and asleep. Many dream workers will tell you to drink water or have water by your bed if you want to remember your dreams, and that is because Neptune will lead you into dreamland through the waves of water. Sleeping by water - like an ocean on vacation, for example - could lead to better sleep. A diffuser or humidifier that breathes moisture into the bedroom while you sleep does the same thing.

So for you, when the Sun trines Neptune in early July, the Sun is shining on Neptune the dream maker. This is a magical transit that is also very creative. If you want to think of how this comes out in the real world, look at celebrities that have this transit in their charts, like Maria Carey, Priscilla Presley, and Marlon Brando. It′s a leadership transit where you can create true magic with your imagination.

Some of that imagination will come from your dreams! Expect to have plenty of dreams! Keep a dream journal by your bed and jot down the little symbols that are coming your way, or keep a record in the notes app on your phone. Often times you will wake up in the morning, or even in the middle of the night, and remember the last thing you dreamed about. When that happens, jot it down and check out our Dream Dictionary to find out what those symbols mean. Here are some of the most common dream symbols or themes, and what they mean.

Teeth Falling Out

This is one of the most common dream symbols and often manifests during a time when you are under a lot of stress. You may be having a tough time making ideas come to fruition, or maybe you feel like you have lost control over something. Expect to see this dream the night before a big presentation, or high-stress day. This symbol could also be suggesting that you are worried about how others perceive you, as if you are concerned that your teeth are going to fall out, making you look foolish in front of other people.


Many people see babies in dreams and start to stress. Does it mean that you are going to have a baby? Sometimes dream symbols are literal, and this could be exactly what it means. If it is a baby you know appearing in your dreams, it may be offering a specific message, so pay attention to the dream content to get the message clearly.

If it is not a baby that you know, or it shows up in an odd place, you might expect a new beginning around the corner. For example, let′s say you dream that you walk into work one day and there is a baby sitting on your desk. That doesn′t mean someone is going to abandon their baby in your care. It might, however, mean that you are about to get a promotion, a new job, or experience exciting news in the area of your work life.


Animals in dreams also have a way of sending us a message. Again, if it is an animal you know, this dream could just be the residue of your own pet or neighborhood dog. Also, pay attention to where you see the animal in your dream. Maybe the appearance of a cat sitting on the hood of your car means you need to get your engine checked.

Spirit animals manifest in your day to day life and in your dream world with special messages. If the same animal that you do not know keeps showing up, this is probably your animal guide just letting you know they are around for you.

Sex Dreams

Maybe you wake up one day and realize you have had a dream where you were having sex with someone who isn′t the person that is lying beside you on the morning that you wake up. This is actually one of the most common dream symbols, so if this happens, don′t fret or feel guilty about something that you haven′t even done.

The act of sex unifies two minds and two bodies, and this dream could be pointing you in the direction of someone that you currently are working with, or will be soon. The symbol of sex symbolizes creation. Maybe you are dreaming of having sex with someone in the arts, and didn′t even know you thought of them “that way”. You actually don′t think of them that way, you are simply inspired by their ability to create and expand your own mind in the process.

Sometimes the sex dream is literal, and only you can be the judge of that. But if it feels weird, know there is a deeper meaning than what is on the surface.


There are many symbolic meanings to flying in dreams. Dream researcher Carl Jung would tell you that you were not having a “normal” dream, but were probably having either a lucid dream or an out of body experience. Flying dreams, however, do represent a need to experience a change of pace. If you are flying in a dream with a specific situation, you simply may need a different perspective on the situation. You may need to “rise above it” so to speak, to see it from a different height or angle.

It could also mean that you simply need to “fly” to another “location,” mentally or emotionally, to give yourself a break from an issue that is plaguing you. Sometimes just stepping away from something for a while has a miraculous way of providing healing through the very act of distance itself.

Concluding thoughts….

And there you have it, the top 5 most common dream symbols and their meanings. Always remember that when it comes to dream meanings, it is often never about the symbol itself that you see or experience. The most important element of your dreams is the feelings you associate with those symbols and experiences.

Being able to pinpoint and identify those specific feelings will be the true key to identifying the meanings of your dreams. Be sure to stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes to find out how Sun trining Neptune will help you manifest some wonderful and magical sleep time. Sweet dreams!

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