How to Use Astrology to Inspire Your Friends

Posted on May 30, 2018
Updated on December 01, 2020

Teaching a meditation class the other day, I mentioned that giving someone a meditation as a gift would be a great idea. I gave a good friend a prosperity meditation and his whole life changed! When it comes to our friendships, I’ve found that we have begun looking for ways to connect to our friends on a soul level much more often.

We want to see our friends on a path they are genuinely excited about when they wake up. In fact, a lot of the satisfaction in our own lives comes from nourishing our friends with inspiration. Just look at the types of conversations you have with your best friends; checking in with each other’s life goals and helping each other past people or views that are affecting us negatively.

The friends we bond the best with are those who are on a similar wavelength to ourselves, those who bring out a zest for life in us when we hang out! Here are two ways you can use astrology to help your friends unlock their potential and see their soul purpose!

Find Their North Node

You’d be surprised how many friends I’ve talked to that have never heard of the north node. I hang with some pretty hippy dippy cats too. The north node often flies under the radar even for yogis and the astro-curious. The north node represents essentially what our souls came here to learn, something that forces us to stretch out of our comfort zones.

If you see a friend that feels stuck but they don’t know why, consider helping them look at their north node. The south node symbolizes what we came into this lifetime already being good at. It represents our comfort zone. Living our lives resting on our laurels, so to speak, will lead to a detrimental extinguishing of our spirit. Locating the north node, however, pushes us to new limits and can lead to ultimate contentment.

The north node is determined by a range of dates; the date and time you were born will determine your north and south nodes. Check out this calendar for the date ranges, then look at this awesome article to understand what each sign in the north node means. Talk to your friend about how they may be living in their south node by pointing out the characteristics of the sign in their south node.

Help Them See How They Can Be An Agent of Change

We live in a culture that is rapidly changing. Appropriately, we are coming into a fast paced technology generation almost overnight. Fighting the addicting and isolating world of social media often leaves us feeling scattered and, well, kind of apathetic. If you want to help your friends get on a trajectory that pushes past today’s ego traps, help them understand the big picture using astrology.

You may not be able to give them money, a home, or a perfect mate, but offering your friend a way of thinking that helps them feel good about their identity again can greatly improve their quality of life. I find a lot of people don’t want to live the life their parents dreamed for them, and yet they don’t know what else to do. A starting point is looking at what major change our society is undergoing as foreshadowing, which we can help shape.

Did you see that movie “Hair”? The main song is about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. It turns out those hippies were right. Astrologically, we are starting a new era where we will all begin to have a more evolved, kind, and compassionate view of the world as well as our role in it. Think of the days without cell phones or computers, information was only available through libraries or talking with experts and educators. Now we can find it all on the web. We are evolving and that means we need to use our power for good.

To learn more about this new 2,000 year cycle, check out this article, Collective Consciousness and The Yuga Cycle. We are exiting the Piscean Age where people thought they had to sacrifice in order to help the world. Now we live in an era where intuition and ideas are able to connect us all - keeping our vibrations up helps the whole.

If you help your friends see that maybe the feelings they’ve had in their hearts about living more in harmony with nature, taking care of it and protecting it, is actually a part of the evolution of consciousness, they may be able to remove the pressure put on them by their family to live up to a certain materialistic standard. Look at the new trends on Instagram from major influencers about alternative living: van life, tiny homes, and co-living. We are entering into a time where we take back our power, our minds, the way we use our money, and our time.


If you want to help your friends align with their natural skills, look at their 2nd house of talents. If you want to help them understand themselves, help them see how accurate the road map of astrology is to their inner feelings. Often when someone hears the description of their moon sign for the first time, they realize that they are in fact connected to the entire universe and somehow don’t feel so alone. You could always breach the topic by sharing with them how accurate you found your north and south node to be or point out how your natural talents really are revealed in your second house!

Imagine if you could help your friend break a cycle of taking jobs they hate or end a string of bad relationships. Often when people find purpose and true meaning behind their lives, their career and love life starts to shift dramatically. People no longer have to look to find fulfillment from romantic partners, so they aren’t as clingy and they no longer need to identify themselves based on their career title or their marital status.

We can reach a higher level of intention where we become a part of something greater than ourselves. Now that is a gift worth giving- one that will help not only your friends but society as a whole. The more people who live according to their soul and not their lower consciousness, the better our world will fare.

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