Venus in Scorpio: Ride the Waves of Love

Posted on November 16, 2020
Updated on December 09, 2020

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Whew! As if Scorpio season wasn’t intense and passionate enough already, we have Venus moving into Scorpio on November 21st, and for all you lovebirds, it’s time to brace yourself!

In fact, everyone might want to think about bracing themselves, not just the lovebirds, because Venus affects all of our relationships, not just our romantic ones.

She also affects our creative passion and love of beauty. So expect some sudden interest in macabre art or creative projects that involve digging beneath the surface. You may be drawn to wearing dark colors, and you may even favor makeup of the sultry, mysterious kind.

So what’s Venus in Scorpio all about, really?

About Venus in Scorpio

Passionate, intense, loyal, jealous, possessive, highly sexual - that just about sums Venus in Scorpio, and if you are one yourself or you have been in a relationship with one, you’ll be nodding your head and saying, “Oh yes!

In astrology, Venus is the planet that rules over all matters of love, truth, beauty, and sensuality.

Your Venus placement in your natal chart is one of the more important placements and can give you insight into how you love and how you connect within and to relationships. Venus is also the planet of pleasure and concerns itself with all the pleasing activities and experiences in life.

Scorpio is known for its air of mystery, its magnetic draw towards the hidden and deeper truths of life, passionate romance, secrecy, and jealousy. Scorpio is an intense sign, and that intensity is palpable when the pleasure-seeking planet of Venus passes through this constellation.

As such, Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, which means she is not fully comfortable there. The planet of love feels restricted in Scorpio’s jealous and intense energy. This can make for rollercoaster relationships with these people - they love with phenomenal passion, and when things are good, they are really, really good, but when things are bad, they are … well, just run.

How Venus in Scorpio Affects the Signs

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will feel the intensity of Venus in Scorpio more than other signs (especially Scorpio themselves). This is also especially potent if you have Scorpio Rising or Venus in Scorpio as your placement).

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will experience the passionate side of Venus in Scorpio, especially Aries, which shares the same ruler as Scorpio, Mars.

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn need to be careful not to get swept away in all the intensity because their instinct may be to avoid it entirely. This will prove difficult as Venus in Scorpio does not like being avoided and ignored - everything has to come out into the open, or there may be a price to pay!

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will likely fare the best under this season because they can rationalize the intensity better than others. Rather than get overly swept up in emotions, their linear thinking can inject some much-needed mental stability.

What to Expect When Venus Enters Scorpio

During Venus in Scorpio season, one thing you have to be careful of is the negative aspects of Scorpio’s personality: jealousy and possessiveness.

This is no time to be playing games or making your lover jealous on purpose. Venus in Scorpio does not tolerate rivals and if Scorpio feels their affection is under threat, out comes the stinger. Instead, tread carefully, watch your words and be open and honest. Venus in Scorpio values honesty above all else.

This is also a time to keep an eye on your mood. While Scorpio is not as moody as fellow Water sign, Cancer; Venus in Scorpio transit can generate dark and suspicious moods, especially where love is concerned. Accusations of infidelity may be more common and it is important to be more reassuring and patient during this season to counter any negative feelings.

Expect revelations of all kinds in relationships during Venus in Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign that tends to drag what is hidden out into the open and this can be challenging for some. On the other hand, it paves the way for much stronger relationships and closer bonds.

This is also a time for incredible passion and hot times between the sheets! If you’re looking to spice up your relationship, Venus in Scorpio season is the time to do it. This is also a time when you are at your most attractive, especially if there is strong Scorpio in your chart. Scorpio is the sign of sex and bestows strong sexual energy; so expect the sparks to fly!

Scorpio Intensity Intensifies

Scorpios are associated with the deep sting of the scorpion’s tail. As a Water sign, the Scorpio may not initially appear to be ferocious or emotional, but once crossed, a Scorpio knows how to hold onto a grudge.

So, you may feel more determined to win the fight than usual. Just remember, the ultimate goal is to find communication and compromise within a healthy relationship. If you find yourself feeling a bit testier during this transit, try to take a step back from the situation and remind yourself that these intense emotions are temporary.

While Scorpio intensity can be challenging to deal with, it also brings great reward. Heightened passion has never been so profound. Magical memories can be made during Venus in Scorpio, declarations of love will never be forgotten and sex is very exciting at this time of year. Scorpio is a sign that likes to explore in this area and things are guaranteed never to be dull.

Relationship-wise, jealousy is the main issue. People are more suspicious than usual and blow-ups can occur if people are not upfront. The key to dealing with relationships at this time is to stay calm and be as grounded as possible. Speak straight and don’t talk in riddles. The more upfront you are, the more you are able to simmer Scorpio energy if it starts to get out of hand.

Responsibilities Get Personal

Venus also rules over money, so this influence is very likely to affect our financial situations as well. With many people worried about their finances right now, this is a very good transit for us.

Venus in Scorpio gives us the motivation and opportunity to get our financial situations organized and in order. This transit may be an excellent time to create a budget for yourself - you may even find help in the form of an app on your smartphone. While budgeting may not be fun, you’ll feel much more relaxed once you know that you’re on top of your finances.

Venus in Scorpio values passion so you may find that passion is linked to your day to day life; in other words, if you’re tired after a hard day, rather than sitting and plonking yourself on the sofa, you may find a sensual bubble bath works far more in your favor; or a planned romantic dinner with you and your beloved.

This is when Scorpio energy is at its best - when it lights the flames of passion!

Venus in Scorpio Brings Passion & Love

After reading this, you may be thinking, “Oh gosh, things are about to heat up and I think I’d rather just curl up in a ball for a while until the storm blows over!”

But remember, for all the intensity and possible conflict Venus in Scorpio brings, it also brings passion and profound love. It also brings things that are hidden to the surface and in the long-term, this is always for the best (think the Tower card in the Tarot!)

Really, as with all transits, how you deal with them is down to you.

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of how you can ride the waves of love this Venus in Scorpio season. Just keep an eye on jealous or possessive tendencies and focus on the magical aspects! Navigating Scorpio is not always easy, but the rewards can be truly magnificent.

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