Virgo Season Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs

Posted on August 20, 2020
Updated on November 03, 2020

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Virgo season is about to commence dear friends! Tomorrow, the Sun moves into Virgo, the practical Earth sign who governs work, the details, and daily life. Virgo season is the time of year when we get down to business and get things done.

Be smart and get ready now with your Virgo season horoscope (wink wink).

So, when is Virgo season? For the exact Virgo season dates, Virgo season starts August 22 and goes until September 22. Make sure to use our free astrology calendar to keep track of the planetary movement each month!

When it comes to what Virgo season means, Virgo season is when we’re dedicated to the little things, tackling all of the smaller projects, practical tasks, and chores that have piled up, and we can get ourselves organized. It’s been wonky energy this year, so no doubt we all need to get focused and shrink the to-do list!

Virgo Zodiac Sign Traits

Virgo is an Earth sign, and that makes Virgo practical and hard-working. Virgo is also a Mutable sign, and that makes Virgo a sign that is constantly on the go, always wanting to be occupied.

That’s why Virgo is the sign of work and daily life - there’s always plenty of work and chores to do.

The natural ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury, the planet ruling the mind. This makes Virgo a little more intellectually-focused than the other Earth signs and helps give it the attention to detail and skill of observation that it’s known for.

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Positive Virgo Traits

  • Practical
  • Focused
  • Analytical
  • Hard-working
  • Organized
  • Detailed
  • Multi-tasker
  • Responsible

Negative Virgo Traits

Now that you’re informed about Virgo, let’s dive right into the horoscopes for Virgo season for your zodiac sign!

Virgo Season Horoscopes


Make a list of what you need to get finished during Virgo season, Aries, and spend the next few weeks getting as much done as you can. You may be stopped in your tracks come mid-September, so it’s important for you to make the most of the productive energy available to you right now.

Fill up your schedule, keep yourself busy, and don’t forget to tackle the routine maintenance in your life and with your physical self.


Think about creative projects that you can tackle during Virgo season, Taurus. You can merge your creative energy with practical energy, and make some good progress with projects that might otherwise take you longer to accomplish.

Make some time for fun and play over the next few weeks as well. You can enjoy getting time to let loose, and reconnect with your heart.


Tackle projects at home or with family during Virgo season, Gemini. Getting everything in order in your personal, domestic life can help you feel more secure emotionally right now, and you can set yourself up for a while going forward.

You may want to work on some projects that you have to start from the ground up now as well. You may not make significant progress with them at the moment, and success may not come for another 6 months, but it can still be a good start.


If you’ve got lots of ideas for what to do, make a list and start gathering information now so you can drill down on one or two during Virgo season, Cancer. You may be excited about many of them, but don’t start one only to drop it quickly. Be more discriminating with what you choose.

You may opt to fill up your schedule during Virgo season, wanting to be as social as possible, and can enjoy time spent around others or keeping busy.


Virgo season gives you a chance to slow down and catch your breath, Leo, and you can get everything down to a manageable pace. You may be slow to start anything new now, but you can stick with it once you do, and that can help you see important projects through to the end.

This season is a great time for you to be more present and in the moment. Don’t feel like you need to rush anything, and appreciate the here and now.


Virgo season is your season, Virgo! The Sun is in your sign, and this is your time to shine. You can focus on what you want to be doing for yourself, and what you start now, you can work on for the next year of your life.

Think about what gets you excited right now. What can create positive change, growth, or progress in your life? Use the excitement and enthusiasm to your advantage to get going.

You can be much more willing to take the initiative now. Find your inner strength and go!

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It might be a good idea for you to spend Virgo season taking some time to yourself so you can replenish your energy and get needed rest, Libra. Working on projects on your own can also be good, and you can do more without someone looking over your shoulder or second-guessing you.

This time is also one where you can work on clearing out emotional baggage, karmic sludge, and let go of old wounds, old hurts, and old frustration. Free yourself up before the Sun moves into your sign next.


The future may be on your mind during Virgo season, Scorpio, so take some time to think about the future you hope to have, and the dreams you want to accomplish. If you have to make changes now to get closer to what you want, then get started on those changes.

You may feel more independent during this season, wanting to be true to yourself and free to be authentically you. It’s not the time for boxing yourself in or sticking only to tradition. Embrace the unconventional.


Virgo season is the time of year when you can reach great heights in your life, Sagittarius, and see the rewards for all of your hard and smart work. You can get recognition for what you’ve done and can feel inspired to set new goals for yourself.

You may take on more responsibilities during this season, but make sure you don’t take on more than you can handle. You can feel more responsible, but you’re still only human.

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Optimism can creep into your outlook on life during Virgo season, Capricorn, and you can look at the world with a rosier view. It’s not really unrealistic, but rather you become more aware of the good in your life, and this can create more opportunities for you that would otherwise be ignored.

You can come up with big ideas, and allow yourself to think bigger. Focus on expanding your life and mind, and opening up to new experiences.


Virgo season may be more serious for you than other seasons, Aquarius, and you can focus on parts of your life that require a more serious approach. This can be an excellent time for transforming, breathing new life into something stale and old, and that can make you feel more alive.

Passionate energy can surge during this season, so make the most of that energy in positive, productive ways.


The people in your life can get more of your attention during Virgo season, Pisces, and you can pay close attention to the little things with the people you care about, and in your relationships. This can help you figure out what needs to be improved to make your connections more solid, but you may also be tempted to pick things apart, so try to avoid that.

Surround yourself with peace and harmony as much as you can. This helps you feel more balanced and get more done during this season.

Get Ready for Practical Virgo Season!

Virgo season is a great time to get things done, and this is extra important at the start of this Virgo season since Mars will start a period of retrograde September 9, 2020. That might slow the energy down in a big way, so the next few weeks are when you want to be productive and efficient so you’re not in a bad position when that retrograde starts.

Don’t forget to have some fun during this exciting new zodiac season!

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