What’s in the Stars for your Pet: Pet Horoscopes January 11 through January 17, 2015

Posted on January 13, 2015
Updated on September 28, 2020

Is your pet acting a little funky this week? Are they showing off a little too much, or does it seem like their head is in the clouds? Could be that Mars in Pisces effect. Or, it could be just the effect of their zodiac sign! If you are curious about what the stars say for your fur baby this week, check out their pet horoscopes and see what is in the stars for your forever furry friend.


The week begins with ruler Mars in Pisces, your imagination running wild and your feelings for loved ones overwhelming, but Saturn’s influence mid-week will upset your discipline so play more, work less and enjoy the weekend.


Mars’ visit to Pisces starting the beginning of the week will find you dreamy and generous with lack of focus, but by mid-week your ruler Venus will play with Uranus urging you to do something unexpected.


The weeks begins with Mars in your destiny sector urging you to show how smart and motivated you can be and by mid-week with your ruler Mercury playing with Uranus, you might get a surprise to round out the week.


Mars will come into Pisces at the start of the week urging you to explore new things, but by mid-week your attention is directed to only your favorite things while discipline falls by the wayside.


Mars in Pisces at week’s beginning may make you seem impossible, but you will remain focused enough to do exactly what you want while keeping those you love pleased and content.


Uh-oh, Mars comes into your relationship sector at the beginning of this lazy week urging you towards harmony, but by mid-week your ruler Mercury plays with Uranus allowing your inner, hidden creativity to take hold.


The Moon is in your sign at the week’s start giving you sufficient excitement to begin something new, and with Mars’ company in your work zone, you will want to prove you can get things done.


You’re going to feel Mars visit your love zone at this week’s slowpoke beginning urging you towards romance and affection and with the Moon visiting your sign as well, your energy level will rise and you’ll feel refreshed.


Mars will start your week in your family and security zone urging you to focus on contentment in the home, by midweek you feel a little introverted not wanting to be annoyed, but when the Moon comes to visit by week’s end, you’ll be ready for wonderful times.


This is your week dear Capricorn with Mars coming into Pisces at week’s start finding your mental activity soaring until your ruler Saturn bumps Mars by week’s end taking the wind out of your sails and making you grumpy.


Mars comes into your currency zone at week’s start urging you to confidently make yourself more valuable and by the mid-week bump of your ruler Uranus into Mercury, there could be good news, given or received.


The week’s start finds Mars in your zodiac sign and although you’re feeling serious, energy, positivity and the drive to make yourself worthy will help you find a way to work less and play more and to please those who care for you.

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