When Healing Should Become More Than Just Your Hobby

Posted on June 24, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

I never considered being a healer. I didn’t even know what a healer was for most of my life. Somewhere along the line though, I started to see synchronicities and get intuitive hints. I began to realize there was a lot more going on in this life than I once knew. I dug deep because my passion drove me to seek.

If you have been seeking and find yourself drawn to the healing arts, there’s a good chance the information you’re about to read is going to resonate with you. Have you considered being a healer?

In all honesty, I didn’t expect to help people leave toxic relationships, remove chronic pain, let go of beliefs that were hurting them, or help them discover their purpose. But because I was drawn to esoteric subjects so strongly, healing became natural.

I was no more informed about how to do healing work than the next beginner, but I felt something empowering in each book I read, each class I took, and each moment of intuition and clarity I experienced.

I wanted to know how to use my intuition to help other people, and so the journey began.

Here are some clear indicators that baby, you’re meant to be a healer, and it’s time to wake up and smell the metaphysical coffee!

Showing These Signs? Yup, You’re A Healer

Do you notice you sense things before they happen? Maybe you sense that the day is going to go a certain way and it absolutely does. Maybe those premonitions are showing up in dreams. That’s a sign you’re starting to see past the veil.

If you’re voraciously reading about the healing arts and burning through books, this is a sign that healing could quite possibly be more than a hobby. If you’re sensing what people are going to say before they do or you’re picking up on what’s going on with people right away and ask them what’s wrong, you’re probably ready to start taking this serious as a profession.

Do you take a lot of classes and know all the teachers well? Are you so familiar with the subject matter that people ask you for information and start to come to you for advice? Are the healing arts infused into everything you do, your friendships, relationships, and your lifestyle?

Do you dream of being a healer? If you haven’t, it doesn’t mean that you’re not meant to be one. Many healers are humble people that don’t feel the need to put themselves in the spotlight, so to speak.

Even being very sensitive to foods, so much that you need to change your diet, is a sign. If you don’t handle drugs or alcohol well, this is a common experience among those that have a large, sensitive energy field. Many healers don’t do substances recreationally because their open energy fields become prey to weaker, negative energy looking for a host.

Do you have visions or visitations? Do you work with guides or feel other people’s physical pain? If you are spending time in other realms and communicating on different planes of existence, you’re well on your way. Maybe you receive important information about someone that helps them in this state and you are so used to it you don’t realize you’re doing shamanic work.

All of these things could indicate you’re well on your way to becoming a healer. If you’ve always felt different, more sensitive and like you can sense what people are thinking, that’s a clear sign you’ve got what it takes. If you’re drawn to a different lifestyle than most people, you’re probably intuitively developing habits that keep you in touch with spirit, rejecting environments that shut that connection down.

If you have intuitive people in your family, it means your gifts are there and ready to be developed. If you have a hyper-developed sense of compassion, you could very well be a soul that came here to be a healer. If you find you care about others a lot more than those around you, you are showing signs of a healer.

If you frequently get overwhelmed in large groups or around people and need to recharge yourself, this is another sign that you’re tuned into the subtle energy that connects us all. If you’ve experienced “the shaman’s sickness,” this is another sign that you’re meant to be a healer. Those that have experienced unexplained, severe sickness and are healed only by surrendering to the truth that they have an ability to help people spiritually have had the shaman’s sickness. This happens to souls that have come to be healers but aren’t following that path.

Finally, if you’re able to understand why large groups of people do things and predict behaviors, seeing the tides that affect people’s core values, this means you’re tapped in to group consciousness. This is something that is very valuable as a healer.

Next Steps

Healers are in high demand and there’s not nearly enough people with these healing skills for all the people on the planet. Healers are not in competition with each other. There are so few people that understand how to heal others compared to how many people need the healing. This field is only going to expand (see what Huff Post says about this!) in our lifetime as it already has in the last decade.

Your form of healing will likely evolve. I didn’t expect to offer Reiki and Tarot readings or become a Kundalini yoga teacher. I really just thought I would do clairvoyant readings and it evolved over time as I found helpful things in my own journey and teachers that I resonated with.

You may feel something inside of you after reading this article, as if you know that your life is about to change. You may feel like somewhere inside of you, you always knew that you came here to heal others. If you feel it, go for it.

When you follow the path of your soul and ask your fear to be replaced with trust, your path will open in incredible ways. Not everyone is ready for this revolutionary view of the world and you don’t have to tell everyone what you’re doing. Not all souls will reach a place of spiritual understanding in this lifetime, so it’s best to do your thing and wait for people to ask. But by all means, do it, and don’t be afraid!

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