Will Love Take an Unexpected Turn This Holiday Season?

Posted on November 29, 2017
Updated on December 01, 2020

It’s the dawn of the festivities as the holiday season opens. Often, this is a period when we feel pulled to spend time with those we love. Friends and family, sure, but most people long for someone special, someone to kiss under the mistletoe. Perhaps you’re looking for that special someone, or maybe you just want a fling to save you from being alone.

Astrologically, this season looks pretty promising. Voluptuous Venus is moving through seductive Scorpio at the moment, and by Christmas it will be neatly nestled in sexy Sagittarius. Uranus is imposing its impulsive and unpredictable energy onto things too, ensuring that opportunity is knocking if you’ll simply open the door.

Do Something Different

The interesting and quite positive aspect between Uranus and Venus this December means you’re ready for something new—perhaps even someone new—and this energy might just provide the catalyst for it to happen. You’ll have to change your patterns of behavior though, and open the door for newness to enter.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results will probably just lead to disappointment. Look in different places for love by going to different venues, and changing up your social scene a bit. Try something new, something slightly out of your comfort zone. Add some variety and interesting angles to your daily routine.

When you start to appreciate the different things out there, more of them will start to work their way into your life. Like energy always attracts like energy.

Expect the Unexpected

You may feel unexpectedly drawn to new and different things and this is well and good, but because Venus is involved, it may not always be responsible. You could be tempted to overindulge in holiday food, spend too much on trimmings and gifts, or perhaps even be too open with your affections.

There’s a lot of restless energy here, and it needs to be channeled in a positive way if it’s going to be an asset rather than a liability. Uranus places so much impulsive energy onto things, but with Venus involved, you need to try to exercise a bit of patience when it comes to romance and finances.

It would be easy for you to get carried away and really shake things up in those areas, only to live to regret it at a later time. By all means act on a whim, but not when it comes to life-changing decisions!

Keep Yourself Busy and Productive

It’s important that you remain occupied as much as possible, so that the restless energy of this transit doesn’t get out of hand. Even if you’re deliriously happy with your life and settled with a partner, it’s entirely possible that someone is going to turn your head—or theirs! Make sure your relationship boundaries are being honored.

If someone’s upset you, rather than having it out with them under this volatile energy, focus on little things that make you feel content with your life, and wait until a more stable time for the nitty-gritty showdown.

Balance Is the Key

The astrological energy of the season is actually helped by Saturn moving into Capricorn. If you tap into this, it will add discipline and control to your actions, enabling you to keep at least a bit of stability around you. This is also going to work in your favor if situations or people catch you off guard this holiday season. Saturn always provides an anchor if you let it.

There’s also more than a bit of karma involved here, thanks to Jupiter heading into a square with the Moon’s North Nodes. Jupiter encourages that overindulgence, and if you don’t bring in some of Saturn’s discipline to balance it, your actions could have far-reaching consequences.

Mars is energizing this impulsiveness and expansiveness, too, so do at least try to consider the potential aftermath before getting too deeply involved.

Moderation in All Things

With all of this impulsive energy around you, the best way to ensure you get through the holiday season and start the New Year off well is to avoid doing anything too drastic. If you feel the need to retreat, to stay home with a movie and indulge in a bit of old-fashioned nostalgia, go right ahead.

Your personal space is important, and it is possible to overindulge in socializing along with the other temptations. Remember, the only constant in the universe is change. Don’t get too carried away with things when they’re going well, and don’t get too down in the dumps should they take a nosedive.

This restless and impulsive energy is a strong ally if you channel it into something productive, positive and enjoyable. Cultivate a bit of patience, so you avoid making an expensive financial or emotional mistake. There’s a lot of pleasure to be had here, just as long as you don’t go too overboard with your indulgences.

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