Work, Money, and Career Astrology 2016: How to Make the Best Decisions This Year

Posted on January 16, 2016

We’ve been talking a lot about Mercury retrograde this month, and that is because this month’s Mercury retrograde will set the tone for the rest of the year. Have you experienced any major life events this month? Many Earthlings have. And it has left many in a topsy turvy position when it comes to making decisions, especially in the way of career and money. Mercury retrograde can confuse you. Your energy level says go, but the energy from the Universe says, no, wait, hold on. And that can be a real downer. You come out of the holidays ready to dive into your best year yet, and ready to take on your success like you never have before, and bam. Mercury retrograde 2016 slows it all down. Or at least it feels that way.

But the truth is, there are career astrology answers and answers from astrology about money and work available to you during Mercury retrograde. In fact, you could find your career destiny during one of the many Mercury retrograde 2016 periods this year, if you are searching for those answers. But if you are too busy stressing about the wrinkles Mercury retrograde 2016 is going to cause, that can really put anyone in a tail spin. This is counterproductive. Instead, use invaluable tools like astrology reports, free tarot readings, and divination tools like the pendulum to help you make the very best decisions of your life this year.

Mercury retrograde is here for a reason. It is here in fact to ensure that you DO see all of the success that you want this year. And if you play your cards right, Mercury retrograde 2016 can actually provide all the answers from astrology you need to knock it out of the park this year when it comes to work, money, and career. This is why we have been talking about the See It, Plan It, Do It, mindset all month long. Do you SEE the success you are destined to have this year yet? Or are you having trouble making some of those decisions, or even seeing your final destination this year?

Today we are going to talk about those very important work and money decisions you will be facing this year, and how to make them the best ones of your life. It’s not just in your head. You ARE destined for success this year. Being a 9 year in numerology, we ALL are destined for success. And there are 4 Mercury retrograde 2016 periods this year that we are given as periods to hit the pause button, and plan that epic success. What are the career astrology answers that you need to take your professional life to the next level? And what is the information you need to make the best decisions to plan your success this year? From horoscopes and astrology reports to divination tools that provide secret clues, the answers are out there. Here are 5 ways to take your success to the next level this year by simply making the best decisions in 2016.

1. Astrology reports yield astrology answers.

This is a no brainer when it comes to decision making time. Here at Astrology Answers it is our first go-to when we are looking for answers to help you make the best career and life decisions. Birth charts are a valuable tool to take a peek at your lifetime blue print. Yes your birth chart does reveal clues and astrology answers in the way of what you were meant to do with your life. Your solar return chart helps as well. This is an astrology report that takes a snapshot of your entire year from birth date to birth date. So where your birth chart can show you what you are destined to do in this lifetime, your solar return chart will tell you how that is going to play out this year, from one birthdate to the next.

In those astrology reports you want to look at second house, sixth house, and tenth house activity. Your second house is your money house, and gives astrology answers about your money destiny in life. Or, in your solar return chart, money answers for the year ahead. The sixth house in either your solar return or birth chart will tell you what you will likely be doing in your day to day events. What is the job that will put food on the table for you? Those astrology answers can be found for your lifetime in your natal chart, and for the year ahead in your solar return chart. Your tenth house activity then is the place in your chart that suggests the type of career that will take your work life to new heights.

It could be a best selling novel, a chance on Broadway, or something else wilder than you ever imagined. That’s what tenth house activity is, the success that makes the entire world know just how amazing you are. So you want astrology answers from the tenth house of your astrology reports as well. And once you get those answers, then you have more information at your disposal to make the best work decisions this year. So for career astrology answers for your lifetime, check out your birth chart for your full career astrology report. For career astrology answers for 2016 alone, check out your solar return for a career astrology report that provides information about the year ahead. And if you need a help figuring those out, give us a call!

2. Tarot card readings that spill all.

Divination tools really are very useful little decision helpers. Divination tools like pendulum for example can give you an instant YES or NO answer to literally any question that you have. More on that in a minute. But one divination tool that I like to use almost daily that provides detailed symbolism and answers beyond the YES and NO is the Tarot. We offer tarot card readings and free tarot readings every day here at Astrology Answers, to help you check in with Tarot and see if you are on the right path. These are simple daily tarot events that can give you a picture of the day ahead. If you want more detailed answers than the free tarot readings we give here daily, give us a shout and we will look at your career outlook with a more in-depth Tarot reading.

Yes, astrology and Tarot are absolutely connected. The Tarot is divided into 4 suits where each suit symbolizes an element in astrology. So, Cups symbolize Water Signs for example. Wands symbolize Fire Signs, Pentacles represent Earth Signs, and Swords represent Air Signs. And the Tarot is very detailed. You could easily get career astrology answers from Tarot about your whole life in just a few minutes. When you merge that information with astrology reports and horoscopes about your career, you now begin to get a bigger picture of what Universe has in store for you as far as work is concerned. What kind of answers can you get from a Tarot card reading? Any answer you want. From when something is going to happen, to how it is going to happen, and even to who will help you along the way….all of these answers are available from Tarot. Give us a call if you want a Tarot card reading that gives you the answers you need to knock your career astrology 2016 out of the park.

3. Yes or No? Just ask the pendulum.

The divination tool known as the pendulum is one of my favorite. I have several, and keep them everywhere. In my purse, on my nightstand, and throughout my home. I don’t use the pendulum every day but I use it often when I am looking for lost items, need some help with a day to day issue, or need a Yes or No lock on a big decision. And the pendulum is great because it gives you those answers, immediately.

Pendulum is one of the most common divination tools. A divination tool is just what it sounds like. It is a tool that helps you to get answers from the Divine. So where Tarot helps you align astrology answers with more detailed clues about your own life, pendulum simply tells you straight up yes or no on something. So if you are making a big career decision for example, use the more detailed methods first. Like, astrology reports, horoscopes, and Tarot card reading that gives you some solid information. From there you will likely have enough information to make a decision. That’s where the pendulum comes in. Hold the pendulum in front of you, calibrate it by asking it to show you a NO response, and then a YES response, and then ask it questions. And pay attention to the answers!!

And there you have it. The only 3 tools that you need this year to make sure that you make the best work, money, and career decisions for 2016. One of the reasons we have such a tough time making these decisions is because we don’t have enough information at hand to make them at the time. Well, for you, not anymore. From astrology reports and horoscopes that yield powerful career astrology information in your charts, to divination tools that provide detailed answers and Yes and No clues, you have a bevy of tools at your disposal to help you make this the best year of your life on the career front. And if you are ever stuck at deciphering those things, just give us a call. So don’t let Mercury retrograde 2016 get you down. Instead, use those transits to your advantage so that you can conquer 2016 and come out the victor. You are closer than you think to the astrology answers that will help you to ensure this is your best year yet. What are your burning career and money decisions for the year ahead?

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