Your Enchanting October Energy Forecast

Posted on September 30, 2021
Updated on November 01, 2021

A young woman with brown hair wearing an orange poncho, plaid skirt, and marled red cap holds her arms out, closing her eyes, and looking up towards the sky. She is standing in a forest whose trees are turning golden with the fall season.

​The veil begins to thin as we approach the mystical vibrations of October, getting into the fall season, and anticipate the celebration of Samhain, which coincides with All Hallows’ Eve.

October carries the number “8” vibrations that represent harmony, higher realms, and acquired wisdom. This month marks the beginning of the last quarter of 2021 and is the spark that reconnects us with our divinity and spirit – so we may fully reclaim and utilize our intuitive and psychic gifts.

The cosmic evolution of last year into this year brought us into unchartered territory. October will help us remember our true gifts and how to navigate through the void of darkness and the space of unmanifested potential.

As a result, we will feel lighter and more in tune with the subtle frequencies of higher realms.

There are still a few bumps in the road this month as Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all station direct. Yet, there is a great deal of activity and excitement in the air. Mars’s journey with the Sun all month will lead us in a new direction. Plus, the Libra New Moon reinvents our relationships, and the Aries Full Moon illuminates the soul’s truth.

Finally, Samhain lifts the veil allowing supernatural beings and the souls of the deceased to come into our world. As if they weren’t already here.

Let’s explore this month’s cosmic conversations!

October 1st - 3rd: Mars & Sun Opposite Chiron

A Time to Release Negative Patterning

The Sun’s transits to Chiron trigger healing regarding our ego, self-identity, and life direction. In contrast, the transit of Mars to Chiron deals with healing our masculine energy, drive, and unresolved goals.

Together, the Sun and Mars oppose Chiron creating a luminous rainbow bridge to release inner aggression and confusion with our plans, self-identity, and inner warrior archetype.

Mars urges us to find new ways to initiate conscious, consistent, and constructive action that has the power to heal soul imprints. Healing wounding in the pain body creates a sacred space for our authentic truth to go live. It allows us to stretch beyond the settings that trigger us into a fight-or-flight response. We no longer want to respond or perceive situations as frightful or stressful.

These two will be traveling together for the entire month, activating a sensitive point during the Full Moon. Individual and collective healing amplifies under this transit.

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October 6th: Pluto Goes Direct, Libra New Moon

Restructuring Relationships

Today brings us the magical New Moon in Libra, along with Pluto, the planet of death, sex, and rebirth stationing direct.

Libra symbolizes the point of balance where neither spirit nor matter dominates – with its consciousness carrying the highest mirrored realization of self. Since the New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, so in this case, October’s New Moon will act as a mirror reflecting your inner truth through worldly experiences.

If we refuse to acknowledge or take responsibility for the reflection, we sabotage our goals, manifestations, and relationships. New Moons mark the beginning of lunar cycles, and this one seeds the beginning of renewed relationships. Remember, relationships serve as our most excellent teacher, with every interaction holding a mirror so we may refine our character and will.

Small but catastrophic Pluto stations direct 24 degrees in Capricorn after five months retrograde.

Pluto’s energy acted as a catalyst for transformation through the deepest recesses of our psyche. Pluto retrograde was here to illuminate our darkest truths. Now direct, Pluto’s forces can be felt externally and projected into our experiences.

As a result, we will experience more ease while navigating through subconscious shadows.

October 7th: Venus Enters Sagittarius, Sun Conjunct Mars

Higher Heart Expansion

Swiftly moving forward, Venus enters the philosophical sign of Sagittarius, seeking the light of higher expansion after her eventful dive in Scorpio. Here, we transcend limiting behaviors and ascend into the abundant realms of Sagittarian playfulness, optimism, and wisdom.

Venus begins her adventure in Sagittarius tightly conjunct the South Node (Earth Star chakra), opposite the North Node (Soul Star chakra). This energy requires us to reevaluate the foundation of our relationships and core values – revealing karmic lessons regarding forgiveness, finances, love, and healing.

Venus sets the stage with the Nodes preparing new heart contracts based on integrity, respect, substance, and universal truth.

After an intense opposition with Chiron, the Sun and Mars are precisely conjunct in Libra, sparking a new cycle of the soul being recognized by the personality and anchored in our physical reality. Together, these two bring powerful energy and higher will developed from sacred universal principles.

During this time, focus and harness your energy toward succeeding in career and personal goals. It’s essential to avoid social media triggers or current collective energy. Instead, focus on channeling and harnessing overwhelming feelings into greater motivation and drive to succeed.

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October 9th: Mercury RX Conjunct Mars

Communicating Differences

On top of dealing with Mercury’s retrograde antics, now Mars steps in to untangle the primal patterning in the body so it may support a greater awakening.

Closely conjunct 16 degrees in the winds of Libra, the Messenger and Warrior initiate a new cycle that strengthens the mind/body relationship. Both come together to help us shift out of automatic mode and suspend ourselves from the mainstream triggered response.

The energy of this transit lasts for about 2-3 days and makes it an ideal time for focus and critical thinking. We can no longer shrink ourselves, shut down, or stew in hurt, anger, or pain.

Awakening through emotional, mental, and physical triggers is key to a radical reinvention.

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October 10th: Saturn Goes Direct

Social Reinvention

After an eventful summer of T-squares and oppositions, Saturn stations direct 6 degrees in Aquarius. Under this energy, you can expect Saturn to help steer you and keep you on the right track. This station marks the forward movement of Saturn’s journey through the innovating sign of Aquarius.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, authority, limitations, time, responsibility, and patience. While in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius, we have witnessed a series of extreme events, and Saturn is not finished. The final act will create a global shift to redesign our social structures.

Amidst the chaos, Saturn reminds us of the ultimate authority and power that allows us to rewrite our story and create enriching experiences.

The numerology of today, 1010, represents new beginnings, creation, and unmanifested potential.

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October 18th: Mercury & Jupiter Station Direct

Accessing Universal Truth

The largest and most majestic of the planets, Jupiter stations direct 22 degrees in Aquarius. The master degree of 22 signifies higher octaves of manifestation.

Shortly after, Mercury, the planet of communication, stations direct 10 degrees in Libra.

We made it through the final Mercury retrograde of 2021, and although we are in the post shadow period until November 2nd, communication will begin to take on a softer compassionate tone. The upgrade is complete, and the new software is ready to go live. The collective is cleared a great deal of historical, political, and social drama, and although we still have more to reconstruct, higher consciousness is finally anchoring in.

It’s time to expand into happiness and success. A world of abundance and opportunity is open now that Jupiter is direct. Also, expect anxiety and technological issues to ease up thanks to Mercury.

October 20th: Aries Full Moon

Reinventing Self

October’s Full Moon in Aries emits fresh new energy to remind us that we have the capability to access the thoughts of the heart and initiate new experiences. Full Moons act like magical midpoints that shine a spotlight on everything from the previous cycle. Seeing as how so many planets are direct, everything is under the light, front and center.

Aries is the spark of light, the Cardinal Fire sign with a primal desire, urge, and impulse to act. The Moon in Aries challenges our self-identity and personality, forcing us to confront the anger and what is hidden.

October’s Full Moon activates a T-Square between the Sun and Mars, making the collective more prone to anger, stress, and uncontrollable emotions. It’s a highly intense time, but it is also the breaking point where we move into higher realms – an excellent time to dream big and tap into your soul’s passions.

If you are constantly triggered by what is already happening, you end up in a consistent state of fear.

You may find yourself suffering from being too aggressive or impulsive under this energy. Be gentle to yourself and focus on how you can ground yourself. The collective is clearing the distortion in the mind/body feedback loop and anchoring divine expression in the present reality.

Use this Aries Full Moon as motivation for a fresh start. Expect to feel more confident and courageous with the Universe urging you to go after your soul’s desires. The potential of this Full Moon invites us to explore new ways to do things.

October 22nd: Sun Enters Scorpio

Facing The Shadows

The Sun enters the seductive sign of Scorpio redirecting our attention to our deepest needs, desires, finances, intimate relationships, and security.

Scorpio is the emotional powerhouse and magnetic Water sign of sexual alchemy and transformation. In contrast, the Sun acts as our driving principle, sense of self, spirit, and will.

Scorpios’ dynamic magnetic field is their tool for manifestation. It reveals their capacity to bring what they envision into the physical realm, whether they are conscious of it or not.

A Scorpio’s love can manifest everything they focus on, and at a subconscious level, they understand that we co-create with source in every experience. That sacred and intimate act of the divine is the love that a Scorpio draws on to manifest their life.

With the Sun traveling through these mysterious waters, expect to tap into the Scorpionic power of alchemy and transformation – bringing what you envision into your physical reality. Scorpio requires us to dive deep into the unknown, the darkness, and the great void. In those esoteric realms of darkness, we unlock the magic of manifestation and transcend and transmute shadows that emerge.

Use Scorpio Season to travel beyond separation and into communion with the hidden parts of yourself. It is a perfect time to engage in shadow work, inner child healing, divination, and deepening your relationships with others and the world around you.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!
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October 30th: Mars Enters Scorpio

Emotional Authority

Mars, the record keeper of the physical body, the planet of our drive, sexual energy, willpower, and impulse, comes home to the seductive waters of Scorpio for regeneration and renewal.

During Mars’s trip in Scorpio, significant aspects made with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, generate tremendous drive and determination to combat anger negativity and align with success.

Scorpio is the light of alchemy, death, sex, and rebirth. So, it is imperative to forgive and release, give those things which no longer serve you a proper burial for your freedom and renewal. Tap into your competitive spirit and magnetic energy to achieve goals. Expect passions to intensify and your confidence to feel more robust.

Letting go of pent-up emotions from the body, mind, and spirit creates space for authentic manifestation and universal will.

October 31st: Samhain & Halloween

The veil lifts on this magical day and celebration of Samhain, which coincides with All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween. Samhain is a Pagan festival from ancient spiritual traditions. This day is about celebrating and honoring the cycle of death and rebirth as the leaves die off and we prepare for the stillness of winter– the midpoint between Equinox and Winter Solstice.

In a safe and sacred space, this would be a perfect time for mediums to communicate with the spirits of loved ones who have passed on, whether animal or human. Since the energy is intense due to the barrier lifting between the spirit and the physical world, it’s essential to ground and protect your energy.

We are at a potent turning point in the wheel of 2021. Honor the cycles and seasons of your life. Try your best not to get stuck in past patterns and gather the courage and strength to move forward without living in fear.

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Energy Tips for October

Step up and fulfill your life purpose and soul mission this month. You came here with something to do – a dream, a plan, a goal – and you are divinely guided and protected to do it.

So, take a leap of faith and trust your intuition. Meet yourself with love and allow your divinity to shine.

October’s oracle card is Power Over Seven Scorpions,” power to conjure lower vibrational forces. The card is brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

This card confirms that we are ready to let go and free ourselves from limiting attachments. Whether you are aware of it or not, something is draining your energy field and is no longer necessary for growth.

Peace is waiting for you when you let go.

You are not abandoning the things you have loved; instead, you are providing it a proper burial for freedom. Trust that the love of the divine masculine & feminine will protect during this transition.

Overall, October takes us beyond the veil and into our spiritual truth by strengthening our relationship with the divine. Reclaim your authority and power, breathe, and come home to your center. Step forward with integrity and trust that your soul knows where to go.

This month is perfect for:

  • Psychic divination
  • Shadow work
  • Honoring nature and her beautiful seasons
  • Celebrating loved ones that have transitioned

If you slow down and listen closely, you will hear the Universe orchestrating on your behalf.

Happy October!

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