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How to Bring Tarot into Your Daily Meditation

As good for us as it is, meditation is one of those things that can be really hard to sink your teeth into. Anyone who has tried to meditate on their first try knows that, even… Read More »

Law of Attraction: You Get the Vibes You Give

Many celebrities attribute their wildly successful lives to the law of attraction. They subscribe to a lifestyle that cultivates good vibes and they hang out with people who use… Read More »

How to Use Tarot During Meditation

​The benefits of meditation on our emotional wellbeing and intuitive capabilities have become more popular in recent years, but some of us still have a hard time sitting still… Read More »

Beneficial Thought: Chakra Spring Cleaning - Using Tarot to Clear Chakras

It’s Spring cleaning time! And this time, we are not talking about a pledge of allegiance to Pine Sol and Swiffer. This time we are talking about the pledge of allegiance to… Read More »

Top 5 Meditation Methods Anyone Can Try to Reap Maximum Benefit

Feeling intimidated by the complex world of meditation? You don’t need to. Meditation is open to all - and it doesn’t require expensive equipment or personalized classes to… Read More »

What are Bandhas & How Do They Improve Meditation? - Featured from!

A bandha, known as a body lock in the yoga world, helps move the energy (often referred to as prana) in your body from one place to another. Specifically, bandhas help raise your… Read More »

10 High-Vibe Affirmations To Help You Enjoy The Holidays - Featured from Daily Life!

Feeling a little ho-ho-humbug about the holidays? Maybe you’ve already gotten off track on your budget or diet or maybe you’re dreading some of the obligatory holiday… Read More »

5 Essential Oils for the Holiday Season & Their Healing Properties

Looking for the perfect holiday gift, stocking stuffer, or a natural way to combat flu season? Look no further than essential oils. Plus, if you haven’t tried incorporating… Read More »

Holy Scorpio, Batman! 9 Ways to Use Your Inner Psychic to Create Abundance

There will always be times when you are lying awake at night unable to sleep, or staring out the window aimlessly at work, when you are still wondering what is to become about a… Read More »

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