What is a twin flame?

This is a loaded question! There are as many different answers to this as there are people with opinions! Somewhere along the line, being in love wasn’t enough. You had to have a soul mate, or a twin flame, or a twin ray, or something that elevated your relationship above what everyone else happily had, making you elite or special in some way.

The truth is, few twin flames are even romantic partners, and there’s a whole lot of misinformation out there! Let’s see what we can do to set the record straight. Although please bear in mind that this is a very subjective topic and these are the views of the author, and not necessarily anyone else.

The concept of a twin flame started way back around 2500 years ago with Plato. He had a theory that every soul is only a half soul, having been split apart from it’s original-hence the term, ‘twin flame.’ Every soul is unique, then we can only ever claim oneness with our twin flame. Each half was a mirror image of the other, with one half being masculine and one half being feminine.

It’s possible to take this even further, and suggest that twin flames are never incarnate at the same time, because when one is physical, the other has to be spiritual. You’re mirror images of each other, you complete each other, so it stands to reason that in many ways you’ll be opposites. With me so far?

If you are incarnate at the same time as your twin flame, and you are in the same geographical location, you do meet each other, and take each other as a lover, that doesn’t mean that the union is going to last. For one, the odds of all of that being stacked up in your favor are quite rare.

Another thing, making you feel warm and cosy about yourself isn’t a twin flame’s job. A twin flame is here to push your soul’s evolution forward. Your twins, so one of you won’t be able to grow unless the other one does.

Remember, there are growing pains in all situations where you’re bettering yourself, and the twin flame situation is no different. You’ll feel elation, you’ll feel pain, you’ll feel loss and separation, and you’ll finally realize what this encounter was, and see it for the good that it brought into your life. That’s where the healing starts. If you’ve learned the lesson-the peace that comes with acceptance will manifest.


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