2020 astrology calendar

Track the planets and find out what’s going on in the stars in 2020 with Astrology Answers’ monthly astrology calendar!

This 2020 astrology calendar is your roadmap through each month; track the lunar cycles, aspects, and planetary retrogrades using our astrological calendar to chart your course towards your biggest goals and dreams. Astrology calendars allow you to expect what once was unexpected.

All aspects in this astrology calendar are noted for the Northern Hemisphere and Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Favorable or Major Transit


Proceed with Caution

Moon Events

november 2020


Event and Theme

November 01

Mercury (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn)

November 03

Mercury direct in Libra

Harmonious communication

November 06

Mercury (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn)

November 09

Venus (Libra) opposite Mars (Aries)

November 10

Sun (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)

November 10

Mercury enters Scorpio

Communication karma

November 12

Jupiter (Capricorn) conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)

November 14

Sun (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)

November 14

Sun (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Capricorn)

November 14

Mars direct in Aries

You're the boss

November 15

New Moon in Scorpio

Intense beginnings

November 15

Venus (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)

November 16

Venus (Libra) square Jupiter (Capricorn)

November 17

Mercury (Scorpio) opposite Uranus (Taurus)

November 19

Sun (Scorpio) sextile Saturn (Capricorn)

November 19

Venus (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn)

November 21

Venus enters Scorpio

Love gets intense

November 22

Sun enters Sagittarius

Adventurous ideas

November 23

Mercury (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)

November 27

Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)

November 27

Venus (Scorpio) opposite Uranus (Taurus)

November 28

Neptune direct in Pisces

Dreamier dreams

November 28

Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Capricorn)

November 30

Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Saturn (Capricorn)

November 30

Full Moon in Gemini, lunar eclipse

Grounded chapters