Birth Chart

Similar: Natal Chart, Astrology Chart

Your birth chart is a representation of the planets calculated at the time of your birth. If you’ve never heard of this chart before, you may have heard it under its other name, as it is often called a natal chart in Western Astrology as well.  This chart looks at your date, time, and place of your birth to define elements of you - most notably your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant/Rising sign

Birth chart wheel in purple with arrows pointing to the different features: Zodiac signs, ascendant/rising sign, houses, planets, and glyphs.

It is what an astrologer uses to tell you all about yourself and what’s going to happen (get a birth chart reading from one of our Advisors here). They look at the symbols, planetary placements, ruling planets, and aspects to determine the best path for you to take on your astrological journey. For example, you can use your chart to get a synastry chart reading to determine love matches and find your Twin Flame or soul mate.

While mostly the charts are cast for people, it is possible to cast a chart for the birth of a business, country, or the start of a marriage or other event.

Want your own natal chart? You can get your free birth chart here. 

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