Natal Chart

Similar: Birth chart, Astrology Chart

A natal chart is what an astrologer uses to tell you all about yourself and what’s going to happen. It is calculated from the date, time, and place of your birth. 

This is sometimes called a birth chart or an astrology chart. The term natal refers directly to “the place or time of one’s birth,” therefore the planets and signs within your birth chart alignments are your natal planets or natal signs. from. 

Birth chart wheel in purple with arrows pointing to the different features: Zodiac signs, ascendant/rising sign, houses, planets, and glyphs.

Your chart looks like the image above, outlining how the planets were arranged at the time of your birth. It also gives insight into your astrological houses, aspects, polarities, and more. Many spend their whole lives searching for the meaning behind their chart, but you get a birth chart reading from one of our Advisors here.

Want your own birth chart? You can get your free natal chart here. 

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