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Evan Chen

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Evan Chen is a New York City-based spiritual reader and philosopher who has been involved with metaphysics since a small child. Raised on Eastern philosophy by her mother, Lyn, who is one of NY’s top psychic readers, she has traveled the world as a seeker of truth and light.

Her 30+ years as an intuitive reader and writer have made her a reliable source of wisdom, and a hub for information and inspiration for her many dedicated students and clients. She has written thousands of articles on spirituality, ranging from what it’s like to live as a monk in an ashram, to the esoteric findings and practices of magic - as well as the readings of cards (Playing Cards, Angel, Goddess, Tarot, and Lenormand), the interpreting of Nordic and Celtic Runes, and of course, the I Ching.

Her personal website can be found here: Evan Chen Intuitive Reader and on Facebook: Evan Chen Reads.

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