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The capricorn zodiac sign symbol on a starry background. Career compatibility symbol. The capricorn zodiac sign symbol on a starry background.

ABOUT capricorn

As one of the hardest workers of the zodiac, your strength comes from your practicality and reliable work. Goals are met with super confidence and an ambition that is hard to compete with. Leadership and being in charge are natural for you, Capricorn, and something you should strive for as this is the place you shine. Capricorn related positions usually are seen dealing with politics, entrepreneur or boss, working with older people or with your parents, economist, event planner, manager, programmer, business owner, or real estate agent.

Capricorn to Capricorn


When work is needed done, this is the team that any boss would deploy towards a goal, especially a project with a deadline. Capricorn's can count on each other to help get the job done with a reliable insuring the proper results.


Sometimes, a Capricorn boss can be a bit of a blessing and a curse, as your Capricorn boss shows exactly where you want to be in your career, and as hard as it is, obeying isn't a strong suit for you! Butting heads can happen, Capi, but always remember your respect and approach everything as you would like your future employees to approach you.