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The scorpio zodiac sign symbol on a starry background. Career compatibility symbol. The scorpio zodiac sign symbol on a starry background.

ABOUT scorpio

Scorpio, you are an amazingly hard worker, however that amazing only extends so far if you’re working for someone you don’t respect or with people that you just don’t inspire you to ‘play nice’. Focus, will power, and control is your recipe for success, however, your emotions and the tendency to obsess show a puzzle you have to stay in control of. Scorpion energy is amazing and can really benefit your career with jobs that deal with science, secrets or figuring out puzzles, and transforming people and their lives. Some examples are analyst, bill collector, coroner, criminologist, detective, plumber, excavator, hypnotist, insurance agent, lab tech, psychiatrist, researcher, scientist, tax collector, surgeon, miner, counselor and security guard.

Scorpio to Scorpio


Of all the Zodiac, only another Scorpio can truly understand you, and on a level that most just don't get. This combination does not take much effort whatsoever and problems and challenges aren't usual.


In a lot of ways you will understand your boss in ways other's just can't follow. You can expect if your boss is in need of something researched or details flushed out, you will be the go-to. This is a great compatibility, and you most likely are the best to make sure that you stay on your boss's good side.