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When you pair a Mutable Air Sign like Gemini with a Cardinal Water Sign like Cancer, many astrologers will say the love compatibility meter on this one is very low. For some it will seem like, what CAN you two agree on? But all of these differences for this match bode well for their long term future if they both are committed to the process. This will be an exciting match where learned differences will always keep them guessing, and loving more and more each day. If they can both put their minds to it.

gemini and cancer Compatibility - The Pros

The Pros in this love compatibility pairing with a Gemini and Cancer match are that they both offer what the other one needs. Cancer will love that Gemini is a knight in shining armor to the relationship, and Gemini will love the home that Cancer is bound to setup for them. This will be a home with many children likely, and this is Cancer's domain. Either as the provider or the nurturer, Cancer will give Gemini everything they need in this regard. Cancer will love the long conversations that Gemini wants to have, and this will create a bond in this pairing that will be difficult to match. Both of the individuals will feel very spoiled by the other in their own unique ways, and keeping that magic going in these ways will be the keys to ensuring this match stands the test of time.

gemini and cancer Compatibility - The Cons

Although this is a lovely and compatible match with Gemini and Cancer in some ways, where it isn't is where the match will experience problems. Gemini has a quick wit, and sometimes the sarcasm can go a little too far. Cancer is easily wounded as a Water Sign, and so you can see how far this will go in a love match. Cancer is also a homebody where Gemini is flitting off to the next fun night on the town. Learning to co-operate could easily become a problem with this match. There are two very different viewpoints on the bigger picture in life coming into play here, and this could cause some problems.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

One thing the Gemini and Cancer match have working for them is they are both intuitive in their own ways, and they are also both skilled at communicating in their own unique ways. Granted, those methods are on two different ends of the spectrum but it can work. Cancer will need to learn to develop a thicker shell, and not take everything that Gemini says so personally. Geminis just trying to be cute, not hurt you. Most of the time. On that note, Gemini needs to learn to curb the enthusiasm on the snappy comebacks and deprecating remarks sometimes. When the pair intuitively learn each other's differences and make a concerted effort, out of love, to appreciate and accept them, this match has a very good long term potential. Communicating through every thick and thin will be the greatest armour that will help this love match wage through many battles together, and come out even stronger. This is something that both Gemini and Cancer have in spades. Gemini will need to learn to hear feeling words from Cancer, and accept them and feel blessed by them. Cancer will also need to learn that not everything needs to have a feeling attached to it. Sometimes words really are just words, especially when you are dealing with a Gemini.

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