The leo zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The taurus zodiac sign in black.

When Leo and Taurus get together, the love compatibility is very high as both of these zodiac signs understand each other well. There are a lot of differences between these two, as is the case when you combine Fire and Earth, but they both carry personality traits that complement each other well. Both are Fixed Signs as well, so for those that are hoping this match will last, the answer is almost often yes. Both Leo and Taurus have very similar wants, desires, and needs. And thus both are more than happy to satisfy those needs as often as they can. This love compatibility is all about balance, and all about mutual satisfaction and admiration. As such, it has all of the makings of a sexy, saucy, long term romance!

leo and taurus Compatibility - The Pros

Here we have the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo paired with the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. One thing that both of these zodiac signs have in common is their loyalty! Both of these signs are fixated on their partners for as long as the universe will allow. So they will both be very happy with each other this way. With Leo we have the sign that is ruled by the Sun, and with Taurus, we have the sign ruled by Venus. So love, beauty, and passion, are all elements that both of these zodiac signs bring to the table in romance. They both like their pretty things too, status and luxury is very important to both signs. And neither one of them is afraid to work for it! Leo loves attention, and Taurus loves to dole it out. And when Leo gets it, they dish it out just as quickly, so this match is one that will be frequently marked by mutual adoration.

leo and taurus Compatibility - The Cons

As much as there is energy, passion, and excitement in this union, there is always bound to be some problems in love when you get two Fixed Signs in a love match. With Leo and Taurus, they both have a bit of a stubborn side, and this can and will rear its ugly head once in a while. Leo needs to be the center of attention, and this could quickly become exhausting for Taurus if Taurus is not having their needs met. Both need to be on top when it comes to dominating, and of course this is going to cause some wrinkles along the way if both are not committed to making it work. If there is anything that is going to break this love match, it will be this battle of the wills. Both Leo and Taurus will need to learn how to grow together past these stubborn experiences.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Although there are going to be some differences and heated tempers on occasion in the Leo and Taurus match, there is a lot of love going around with this pair. Both are Fixed Signs and this bodes well for both of them when it comes to making this love last. Fixed Signs are known to be fixated on the same people for almost their whole lives, and sometimes even into their next lifetimes. When it comes to loyalty, there are few zodiac signs that can beat this pair on that trait, and that means that this match carries a love compatibility that can not be replicated. As powerful as the personalities are in this union, that speaks volumes towards their long term success, as neither of these signs likes to lose. Even in love!

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