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The Taurus Aquarius love compatibility can be as strong as they want it to be, as both of these zodiac signs are Fixed Signs and committed to one person and one person only. Each other! Taurus is the Fixed Earth to Aquarius Fixed Air, and this is a combination that can literally move a mountain or even several if they put their minds to it. Aquarius is also a little on the unconventional side of things, which really piques Taurus fancy. Aquarius also appreciates how real and down to Earth that Taurus is, and so this match definitely has some promise. At first glance there will be multiple differences which leads many to say the Taurus Aquarius love compatibility may be problematic, but as two Fixed Signs, if they want to build it, the love will most definitely come.

taurus and aquarius Compatibility - The Pros

We have Taurus ruled by Venus the goddess of love, a very feminine energy, and Aquarius ruled by Saturn which is very masculine and rules Karma. This is a great combination for both Taurus and Aquarius, as the differences between this feminine and masculine energy will complement each other. Taurus loves the way Aquarius thinks outside the box, and loves that Aquarius is as honest as the day is long. Aquarius really appreciates how practical Taurus is, and the work ethic that keeps them very successful. Taurus will also find themselves learning and growing under the Aquarius wing, and Aquarius will get their head out of the clouds under Taurus love and care. But when differences arise, as they are bound to, there could be conflict with this pair that will be difficult to get away from.

taurus and aquarius Compatibility - The Cons

As both Taurus and Aquarius are Fixed Signs, this is going to be a very stubborn relationship. Arguments will be heated, opinionated, and will likely be very long, because swaying or coming to the other side is very difficult for either one of them. As well, Taurus does not react quietly to anger, and so not only will the Bull's fights be long, but they will also be loud. Both of these signs are innately jealous as well, but Aquarius has a more unconventional approach to that that will not be taken lightly by Taurus. Aquarius will not like the pressure that Taurus is continuously putting on the relationship, and Taurus will not always go after Aquarius's need to one-up everyone intellectually.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Both Aquarius and Taurus are Fixed Signs, and so despite their differences they have this working in their favor. As jealous and possessive they are of each other, they will be loyal as well. Taurus will need to extend their realm of comfort to the great intellectual and unconventional world Aquarius offers once in a while. Aquarius on the other hand could use a few more quiet nights in, and dull days once in a while. Neither one of these partners adapts to change well, that is the nature of the Fixed Sign. But when both Taurus and Aquarius are able to recognize this and actually work on this in order to excel in their love match, excellence indeed is precisely what will result. Both Taurus and Aquarius also need to learn resiliency and flexibility when it comes to disagreements, as both will want to be right all the time, and this is a recipe for disaster. Learning compromise together will allow this relationship to grow exactly as they want it to.

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