The taurus zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The scorpio zodiac sign in black.

A Taurus Scorpio match is one that both parties will enjoy immensely, and intensely. There will be very little middle ground with this pair, it will either be amazing or absolutely anything but. That is because as being the opposite to each other in the zodiac, these two are polar opposites, with an abundance of love compatibility between them. They both want the same things and feel things intensely, which is exactly what will work both for and against this pair. There is a cosmic connection underneath this match however, which is likely what will keep them attuned so well to each other over time. Their strengths, if they are committed which is likely, will balance out their weaknesses beautifully. Even better, the Taurus Scorpio love compatibility is one that will strengthen both of them over time.

taurus and scorpio Compatibility - The Pros

We have Taurus who is ruled by Venus the goddess of love, and Scorpio who is ruled by Mars and Pluto, passion and power respectively. This is a gorgeous combination of both feminine and masculine energy. It is also a stunning and very sexy combination of the two most sensual zodiac signs. To say the least, the intimacy between these lovers will be off the charts. As well, both Taurus and Scorpio are Fixed Signs, which means their loyalty to each other will last through this lifetime and likely into many others as well. Their karmic plates are clean, because both Taurus and Scorpio need honesty in all areas of their lives, they simply pursue it in different ways. So this connection is not just sexy, it's as real as it gets which is very appealing to both Taurus and Scorpio. The Water Sign of Scorpio will nurture this Earth Sign of Taurus, and vice versa in a very complementary way for a very long time. Both Taurus and Scorpio want the same thing and any wrinkles can quickly be smoothed over with the strong emotional and cosmic connection they share.

taurus and scorpio Compatibility - The Cons

With these two signs, Taurus and Scorpio are both Fixed Signs, and this means that their shadow sides have the potential to get ugly with each other very quickly. Fixed Signs are the most intense signs emotionally, and Scorpio is the already emotional Water Sign. So emotions will be running high when things go rough, and they are bound to as is the case in any love match. When problems occur, the Taurus Bull is going to come out to the stinger of Scorpio, and the wounds that will result could take years to heal. Tidal waves of emotions are not only possible, but likely with the fixed watery Scorpio, and Taurus will need to find a way to manage that. Taurus may get bored by Scorpio dramatics, and also by Scorpio's mysterious side. Scorpio will be very jealous of Taurus and all of their beauty, and will need to find a way to rein it in.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The best part about the Taurus and Scorpio love match is the cosmic connection and the high rating on the love compatibility meter. This match is destined to do well, even when problems arise, but both parties need to work on their strengths and pull back on their weaknesses. Taurus will need to find a way to deal with Scorpio drama and secrets, and accept that part of them without taking it so personally. Scorpio needs to tone down on the accusations when the slightest paranoia pops up, and will need to have faith in their Taurus as the truest love of all. This is very difficult for Scorpio to do, but Scorpio will need to become fixed on other things in life so as not to be constantly worried about losing their partner. Taurus can help to reassure Scorpio on this a little more as well, and when Scorpio finally gets that, the joy the Taurus Scorpio love match can create will create sparks that are the kind legends are made of.

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