A cat, dog, and bummy cuddling together. As the Fixed Water sign, Scorpio is one of the most psychic zodiac signs. As such, Scorpio likes animals they can "communicate" with. No matter what partner Scorpio takes on in life, be that a furry friend or a soul mate, Scorpio is always all in. As such, the emotional connection between Scorpio and their pets is very important. Scorpio thus leans towards more psychically inclined animals with a highly evolved spiritual aura - and Scorpio can spot that better than anyone.

This is the only Water sign that won't bond with a fish or marine creature, but prefers small things that can curl up in their lap or even under the covers on cold nights when their love life is waning. This doesn’t happen often, but in many cases, Scorpio often prefers furry soul mates to the disappointments human companions can bring to their lives.

Cats are Scorpio's best friend, and to Scorpio, it doesn't matter which one. Pure breeds are nice but too high maintenance for Scorpio, unless Scorpio is single and needs something to give all their attention, time, and money to. Cats, as psychic animals, find a special bond with Scorpios as well, and this is a mutually satisfying relationship for both species.

Scorpios are loyal to the end and what they appreciate about their feline soul mates is a loyal and unconditional communication that no zodiac sign can recreate with any other animal. Some Scorpios even mourn the loss of their kitty friends more than they do their human friends, showing just how strong this bond can be.

Scorpio is a unique soul, and they get excited when they do or have something in life that is a little out of the box. While cats are a particularly commonplace pet, many Scorpios will prefer to look for a pet no one else will replicate. Exoticism also appeals to Scorpio, and so an animal such as a lizard or other amphibian will excite them.

Some Scorps can take this all the way and even experiment with a snake or a frog. If you are looking for a pet that fascinates you more than it keeps you company, something scaly or that has a unique outside shell or texture will be perfect for your pet compatibility.

Second to cats, horses are very psychic animals, and they too will form a special bond with Scorpio. Scorpio can communicate with horses through eyes alone, and a very strange transference of thought often crosses between them. Horses form quick bonds, and Scorpio is known to tame even the wildest horse with a look alone.

Because Scorpio tends to be somewhat of a loner, horseback riding will become a favorite pastime when reflection and in depth thought is needed.