Adoption to some may seem like a foreign dream symbol, but this one is more common than people might expect. Even if you have no physical or emotional ability to relate to the theme of adoption, it will show up in your dream content during transitional points of your life. Maybe you are moving to a new city to work, or maybe you are going to a new school for the first time. It could be a new job, a new home, a new partner, a new anything that enters your life that will result in the dream symbol of adoption. If it is you that is being adopted in your dream, the symbol could be suggesting that you have some fears over being “adopted” into your new way of life very soon. Maybe you worry that the new kids at school won’t like you, or the new people you work with are going to hate working for you. If you are the one performing the adoption, your dream content could be telling you that your life needs a change. Look around to the symbols around the theme of adoption to see what your dream may be suggesting you change. If you don’t see any you can always ask for more dream content to occur that will clarify the problem. If you haven’t made any major changes in your life in a long time, a transition period to the next stage in your life, though it might sound uncomfortable, may be just what you need to jump start some excitement in your life again.