Airplane Dream Meaning

The wing of an airplane high in the sky, viewed from a plane window.

Similar Dreams: Flying, Helicopter, Vacation, Travel

The theme of the airplane has one clear message: moving in a certain direction in life.

In other words, airplanes in dreams are all about movement. When you dream about an airplane it often means that the time of stagnation that you are experiencing is over and it’s time to quite literally get moving.

Of course, what the airplane is doing and your role in the dream is very important as the meaning can take different shapes depending on what is happening. An airplane dream can serve as a warning if, for example, someone else is flying the plane and you get a strange feeling that the person is not to be trusted. This is a sign that someone else is controlling your future and it is time to take action on it.

Dreaming About Seeing An Airplane

In your dream when you see an aircraft or airplane the key symbol is one of transportation, or getting from one place to another. The key meaning behind this dream symbol however could be literal, or it could be metaphorical.

You may want to look at upcoming transits to determine where this transportation is taking you.

Seeing the airplane flying above you is a sign that you are eager for things to get moving and ready for the next stage of your journey. This could apply to anything - moving house, a new relationship, and even a new way of thinking.

If you see an airplane flying above and you are chasing after it on the ground, this means you are ready for change but there may be obstacles standing in your way. However, you should take heart because your subconscious is letting you know you aren’t going to let this go!

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Dreaming About Being On An Airplane

If you are on an airplane by yourself it means you are embarking on a new direction in life and being solo means you have the strength and drive to do it.

If you are on an airplane with your current romantic sweetheart, you may find out that you are going on a trip together soon. Or it could mean that you are moving directions in your relationship, to the next level. If you are separated though, that could mean an entirely different thing.

What direction is the plane taking? Do you see it in a hangar on the ground? Who else is there?

Dreaming About Flying The Airplane

If you are the one that is flying the plane, then you will be the key figure in control of the destiny that is before you.

If someone else is doing the piloting, then you want to look very closely at who they are, as they will have a large stake in controlling your life. This could be a good or bad thing: what feelings do you have associated here? Nervous with a gut feeling of deception? That’s your dream telling you something you need to be concerned about. Nervous but ecstatic about this brave new change in your life? Guess what, sounds like you have something to be excited about. An airplane or aircraft is your journey to your next stage.

Keep an eye on who is with you on the airplane. This is an indication of who will be taking this new journey with you in real life.

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