Angels are a very special presence in dreams, and they are not a common occurrence at all. If you see angels frequently in your dreams consider yourself very special and blessed indeed. A number of different angels will appear in our dreams on occasion, and sometimes we don’t even realize it. That’s because the spiritual existence of angels looks much different than the white robed sparkly creatures we find in contemporary art. An angel may appear to you in the form of a loved one that has passed. An angel may also appear in the form of someone you don’t know, but that you know is an angel because they either tell you or have a certain glow about them. You might also see an angel appear that looks like what you would find in contemporary art, with white robes and halos and golden auras. Either way, when an angel appears to you it is with a message. In most cases the presence of an angel in a dream is very clear, and you will wake up from it knowing or sensing exactly what the message is. Sometimes it is just, my loved one has passed and is okay now. Sometimes it could be as detailed as get the oil changed on your car before your road trip. If you are not sure of what your angel is trying to tell you in your dream, look around to the other details and feelings in the dream for additional messages you don’t want to miss. Rest assured though that when angels appear for you, it is a rare event and in your highest interest and they will do everything in their power to ensure that you are crystal clear on the message they have for you.