Having a dream with a visit from a baby is always a wonderful thing, though for those that are not prepared or wanting a child a baby dream can be frightening and even worrisome. The good news for those is that a baby in a dream rarely ever means an actual baby will be born in your life sometime soon. It sometimes does contain that literal meaning, but if this is not relevant to your life, then dreaming with a baby in it will not change that. The baby in your dream in a case like that would represent a new beginning you are about to experience. Maybe you see a baby sitting on your desk at work in your dream. Could be a promotion is on the way. Maybe you get home to your lover and see nothing but a baby in the hallway. Could be a change in your relationship. Sometimes babies in our dreams also tell us there is some childishness around us. This could mean someone in our life is not mature enough for us to move forward with. Or it could mean that we ourselves need to grow up in some small way. Whatever the baby represents in your life, it represents something that is new or just starting, and that will need a lot of attention from you as well.