Bears Dream Meaning

A bear in your dream on a cliff.

Similar Dreams: Cat, Fox, Birds

Dreaming about animals is always very powerful because they very often represent key themes of our innermost primitive drives and desires.

The animals we dream about represent the instinctual drive that we have in our daily life. Without overlying rationality, animals represent our fear, lust, anger - essentially all the things we cannot control in our dream world and waking life.

Bears for all of their bad reputations with humans are actually quite docile and mild-mannered creatures - unless you make them angry!

Dreaming of a certain animal can awaken an aspect of your life that is instinctual, hidden, or demanding recognition. So when you see one, write it down, and dive deep.

If you dream of a bear it could be that your instincts are relating most to this animal, but it could also be a bear with its own unique message.

Dreaming About Seeing A Bear

Bears represent strength, power, and our inner wildness. Often because of these traits, merely seeing a bear can be tied to an upcoming success on something close to home.

Because of the maternal nature of grown bears, seeing a mama bear represents a maternal figure in your life, or sometimes your own need to protect those around you. The bear in your dream could be pointing you to someone who has the qualities of a bear in your life right now. Becoming aware and active on these messages will prevent the ‘bear from attacking.’

The message from this dream may also be to seek outside help from a wiser source than yourself on a particular problem in your life.

If you see a baby bear, it often represents our need to connect with nature and exercise our inner imagination. When is the last time you built a treehouse?

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Dreaming About Caressing A Bear

If you dream that you are caressing a bear or being otherwise affectionate with it, this could mean that you are at peace with your instincts. This is a message from your maternal side or subconscious that things are alright, and that the hard parts are over.

In this, pay attention to how the bear is acting…

  • If the bear is peaceful, it means that you’ve embraced something that you used to struggle with.
  • If the bear is resting, it means that the time you spent looking inward was important to your growth.
  • If the bear is dying, it means that you need to dedicate some time to heal yourself emotionally. You are strong enough but you need to recognize it.
  • If you are hugging the bear, you need to look at those around you and make sure that those close to you aren’t seconds from sinking their claws into your back.

So the message from this dream is: “Keep going, you are strong,” but proceed with caution in certain areas.

Dreaming About A Bear Attack

This can be a frightening dream, but it has an important message attached. Your subconscious is trying to make you aware of underlying fears or potential lashing outs.

Something in your life is blocking you from attaining deeper wisdom. There will often be clues accompanying this type of dream to let you know what these obstacles are, or you will have an inner sense of ‘knowing’ that connects to this dream upon waking.

Pay close attention to the surroundings in your dream. Sometimes, this type of dream will keep occurring until you get the message it is trying to send you.

  • Is the bear in your home? The struggle is relating to maternal figures in your close immediate family or loved ones may be the wisdom block.
  • Is the bear in the wilderness? Your anger needs to be explored more - often relating to your natural state of being.
  • Is the bear in the circus or zoo? You feel trapped or stuck in something. You have to free yourself of expectations in order to flourish.

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