Birds Dream Meaning

Birds flying in the sky during a sunset in a dream.

Similar Dreams: Flying, Airplane, Fox, Eagle

Dreaming about birds can have several different meanings. Often it relates to the goals, hopes, and aspirations that you have in your innermost self, sometimes even being goals that you keep to yourself.

Happy and chirping birds can represent balance in your life where your mind, body, and soul are balanced together. You are on the path to success and you feel as light as a feather. Other themes of independence, security, community, and opportunity can be inferred from bird dreams, but beware - bird dreams can also have a chilling meaning.

Think of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds film and you’ll see the connection!

Either way, dreaming about birds usually indicates a message or warning of some sort so it is a good idea to pay attention to it.

Dreaming About A Flock of Birds

If you dream about birds in general, the meaning of your dream would be very different than if you dream about a specific bird like an eagle.

For the most part birds in groups or that are not specified may be a signal of a good or bad omen.

You should be able to infer what the aura of your omen is based on the dream’s details. In order to get more information, you must really look into the context of where the flock of birds are in your dream.

  • Dark skies indicate a bad omen
  • Ravens or crows indicate a bad omen
  • Bright blue skies indicate good news
  • Sunsets indicate good news
  • Bluebirds indicate good omens

Further clues about what this omen relates to will be within your dream as well.

Additionally, if you dream about a bird’s nest or egg, this symbolizes success and money within your waking life. If the egg is hatching, this may mean that you need to be patient before acting on your goals.

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Dreaming About A Wounded Bird

If the bird, or birds, in your dream are wounded in some way, this often represents you. There is an emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental wound that is preventing you from “spreading your wings” and flying.

Pay attention to the details in this dream as they will provide clues as to what type of wound you are struggling with. You may also have a sense of ‘knowing’ from the dream what it is upon waking.

A dead or dying bird can lean into disappointments in yourself or others regarding your goals. If you didn’t get that promotion at work, you may see this as a feeling of failure that emerges in your sleep.

Dreaming About a Specific Bird

An individual bird is usually a message that you are not “soaring enough” in some area of your life. Can you work a little harder to get up the ladder? Do you need to go to school to accomplish some goals? Do you need to initiate a conversation to get further in love? Only you can decide.

The symbols and information you receive from the other parts of your dream will be very helpful to you in analyzing the latent meaning of the birds that come to you in your sleep.

Otherwise, a specific bird could be your spirit animal reaching out to you and encouraging you to be more like itself. Look at the type of bird it is: if it is an eagle, what type of qualities does the eagle have? Strength and keen insight perhaps. Or what about a robin? This could be a sign that the dark times are coming to an end and the sun is about to shine.

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