Birth Dream Meaning

Two parents hold a pregnant belly in a dream.

Similar Dreams: Baby, Father, Pain

If you experience a birth event in your dream it can leave you with a mix of emotions. Every emotion from stress to excitement could occur at the sight of this, and the symbols around the birthing event will help you identify the meaning of this dream.

Generally speaking, however, reverting back to some of the oldest analysis of Jung, a birth symbol in a dream was the archetypal image of creation.

Dreaming about giving birth or witnessing a birth can be very intense! It’s the type of dream that stays with you for days on end. Don’t be alarmed! A birth dream rarely means you are about to give birth or are pregnant, instead it has ties to rebirth and change.

Read on to find more out about the meaning of birth in your dream.

Dreaming About Giving Birth

Something in your life is about to take shape, begin, or “be born” so to speak and a new chapter is before you. It is likely that, like a baby, this new event is going to change or alter the course of your life permanently, but in an exciting but exhausting kind of way.

It could be a project at work you have been meaning to get to that will land you in the corner office, an engagement on the horizon, or possibly even a new home. Maybe you will finally get around to writing that book you keep talking about, or maybe you will begin to make some concrete plans to bring a dream to life.

Either way, this can be as nerve-wracking a change as it can be exciting. Stay true to yourself and the symbol of birth in your dreams will never let you down.

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Dreaming About Watching Someone Give Birth

This can be incredibly intense (and even a bit traumatic, depending on the type of person you are!) If you dream about watching someone else give birth, it usually indicates that someone you know is about to go through a huge change in their lives and may require your support and guidance.

This is especially true if you are assisting the birth in your dream.

Dreaming About A Problem During Birth

If you dream there is some kind of problem during the birth (either your birth or you witness the birth of another) then this could indicate there are obstacles you will need to face as you experience the new path in your life.

Dreaded feelings accompanying the birth or a birth that has a negative atmosphere are usually warning signs that you will meet challenges on the way and therefore this type of dream is to give you a heads-up to be on your guard and prepare yourself.

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