Candle Dream Meaning

A person holding a candle in a dark room in a dream.

Similar Dreams: Fire, Lightning

A candle is a symbol of fire and fire always represents life. In the zodiac, it represents all of the passion of the fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. In all three of these signs, we see the daring, passion, and go-getting attitude that is necessary to step into new and sometimes frightening situations, or to help us achieve the dreams we wish to manifest.

In the Tarot, this symbol of life is shown most clearly by the Wands suit, especially the Knight of Wands and 8 of Wands, where the fire is a raging, burning passion.

But as powerful and passionate as fire is, it also burns and scorches when it gets out of control. This indicates that your dream may be warning you that the situation it is referring to in real life needs careful handling.

In a dream, a candle sheds some light or life into a specific situation or person, and the other details in the dream will help you sort out that. Maybe your vision has been hidden until the candlelight flickered.

Dreaming About A Lit Candle

If you dream about a lit candle or many lit candles in front of you, then it means light needs to be shed on a situation in your life.

Pay attention to your surroundings for clues as to what situation the dream is referring to. Alternatively, when you wake up, take note of situations in your life that cause you confusion, anxiety, or where you feel you don’t know where you stand. Candle dreams often refer to situations where we don’t know what ground we are standing on.

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Dreaming About Candles Going Out

Dreaming about candles being lit and then going out is usually a warning from your subconscious that a situation is disintegrating before your eyes and you may not be aware of it.

This dream can also be a warning of betrayal.

If candles are going out repeatedly in your dream, then the message is to sit up and pay attention. There is something or someone in your life which is in need of scrutiny and understanding.

Dreaming About A Candle Burning You

If you dream about a lit candle and it somehow burns you (either you touch it or the fire touches your skin in another way) it means something in your life requires immediate attention before it escalates out of control.

Pay attention to where the candle burns you. This dream can sometimes be an indicator that it is important to pay attention to your health.

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