Dates Dream Meaning

A date circled in a calendar.

Similar Dreams: Yesterday, Quote, Late, Keys

Not the dried fruit kind or the type where you meet up with a potential new love interest, but the kind you see on the calendar!

So what does a dream about dates mean?

Sometimes we see numbers and dates appear in our dreams and wonder if they have significance. They definitely do! Numbers connect everything in the universe and if you see them in a dream, you are definitely vibrating at that numerological level and it is time to harness the energy of that number.

This could be a date in the future that will be important to you or a date in the past that contains details you may need to look at again.

Dreaming About A Specific Number Date

You might just see one number, like an 8.

In that sense, look at things in the 8th month of the year in August, the 8th sign of the zodiac (in Western Astrology, Scorpio, and in Chinese Astrology, the Goat - or the 8th on a specific calendar month.

Look at what the number 8 symbolizes in the Tarot: The Strength card. Your inner strength may be necessary in the very near future.

When you see dates in a dream the potential meanings are endless because of the level of vibration numbers move at. Look at the other details in the dream to clarify the intent behind the dates you see.

Want more? Get more dream interpretations in the Astrology Answers Dream Dictionary.

Dreaming About Blanked-Out Dates

If you dream that there are certain dates being blanked out, or that you cannot see them, it indicates a blockage and obstacle of some kind within you.

Because you cannot see the date itself, you cannot associate it with certain numbers.

This dream highlights that it is time to do some inner work and pay attention to the obstacles that are holding you back. The feelings you experience in the dream will be a clue as to what type of obstacle is standing in your way.

Dreaming About a Calendar

This is often an indication that you are feeling overwhelmed or that your schedule is overfull. The calendar tells you that time is fleeting, and that in the back of our minds, we are worried that we are wasting time on the wrong things.

In work, this could indicate that a change in career is needed and in love, it means that it may be time to move on to a new relationship.

If the calendar is from a past year, this is a sign that we need to let go of the past, as we can not move forward until we heal from past events. Dreaming of a future year means that we need to spend more time in the moment and less time dreaming of a future that we do not currently have access to.

Have you had this dream more than once? Check out what that means in our recurring dream definition.

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