Dates in a dream as a symbol in this sense refer to actual calendar dates or numbers that refer to months, days, or calendar dates. Sometimes we see numbers and dates appear in our dreams and wonder if they have significance. They definitely do! Numbers connect everything in the universe and if you see them in a dream, you are definitely vibrating at that numerological level. This could be a date in the future that will be important to you, or a date in the past that contains details you may need to look at again. You might just see one number, like an 8. In that sense look at things in the 8th month of the year in August, the 8th sign of the zodiac, or the 8th on a specific calendar month. When you see dates in a dream the potential meanings are endless because of the level of vibration numbers move at. Look at the other details in the dream to clarify the intent behind the dates you see.