Eagle Dream Meaning

An eagle flying in the sky in a dream.

Similar Dreams: Birds, Flying, Valley

The eagle is a symbol of strength, pride, and fortitude. In certain counties (like the United States) the eagle is an iconic symbol that is respected and revered throughout the world.

So when the eagle arrives in your dream world, you can only imagine what the message might be.

In every culture, and in your dream world, the eagle is the archetypal image of wisdom and spirit, power and strength, fear, and bravery. Think about what you personally feel when you see an eagle? Does it inspire awe? Fear? Courage?

Often, how you personally feel about eagles will be indicative of the eagle meaning in your dream. This is a clever way for your subconscious to get the message through to you!

Dreaming About Seeing A Flying Eagle

This is usually a very positive omen. If you see an eagle flying in your dream, it often means things are going to be a lot more positive for you emotionally.

When you see this symbol in a dream you are also being told not to worry about your current situations in life. You may also be given a message that you have more power within you than you feel or believe yourself.

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Dreaming About An Eagle That Lands

An eagle that lands beside you in some way could mean that someone will arrive in your situation with the power and strength you need to get through it. The lesson of the eagle is to get a higher perspective and to use this to help others through wisdom.

Here, the eagle symbolizes another person, or even a guardian angel, who can help assist you in times of need.

When an eagle lands on you our flies very close to you, it is a symbol of good fortune or victory in the upcoming days. Pay attention to where you are when you see an eagle in a dream, this can point to where your fortune will be coming from.

Dreaming About Seeing A Wounded Eagle

A wounded or injured eagle is often a warning that your personal strength and power is under threat. Someone may be trying to snatch it from you or bring you down in some way.

Look at the degree to which the eagle is in pain. Is it a minor scar? If so, the threat is not so bad and you will come through it with ease. If, however, the eagle is close to death then it may mean that you are in a vulnerable position and it is important to listen to friends and family who care about you.

Reach out to others and don’t keep things to yourself if you get this dream. A wounded eagle cannot survive on its own and needs help.

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