Earth Dream Meaning

A shot of the Earth from space.

Similar Dreams: Forest, Home, Journey

In a nutshell, dreaming of Earth or Mother Earth, or any symbol that could be interpreted as Earth, is a symbol of your homeland or even just your home.

This dream symbol generally brings with it the message and interpretation that you are feeling disconnected from the bigger picture, or that you need to be reminded of what your home is, and where your heart is.

You may have worries about your current home when you see the symbol of Earth in your dream. You also may be inspired to start a garden or receive information that could help your current garden woes if you see Earth in your dream.

If you are an environmentalist, avid recycler, or work in climate control, you may also see the Earth in your dreams as a poignant reminder of who you are and what you have to offer the Earth in terms of the big picture of things.

There are several ways in which Earth can feature in your dream and interpretations are below.

Dreaming About Seeing a Globe

This is often a sign that you are at a stage in your life where you are reviewing your life purpose and the direction things are going in.

This type of dream encourages you to spend some time in your waking life reflecting on your life journey and analyzing yourself. Pay attention to the emotion you feel in your dream too. Are you happy? Sad? Fearful? This is an indication of how your higher self feels about the current point you are at in your life.

When you see this symbol in a dream you are also being told not to worry about your current situations in life. You may also be given a message that you have more power within you than you feel or believe yourself.

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Dreaming About Walking Across The Earth

If you dream you are walking across landscapes and other aspects of the Earth, this indicates a time of transformation and evolution for you.

Imagine the Earth with its fertile soil, new buds, trees, and green grass. This is an indication of new life and it is your subconscious’ way of letting you know that a new time is upon you.

If, however, the Earth you are walking across is unpleasant in some way - such as walking on hard stones bare-foot, or being uncertain of your footing - it could mean there are obstacles standing in the way of your new transformation. There may be a thought pattern you need to let go of, or something in your life which is holding you back.

If you see anything damaged around you in your dream, this could mean an argument with someone close to you may be forthcoming.

Dreaming About Seeing Earth From Space or Beyond

If you dream that you are seeing the Earth from within the Universe or from a Birds-eye view, this often indicates a huge transformation in your life. It is likely this particular transformation is not in your control, but it is one that will be for the better.

This type of dream often represents a pivotal turning point in your life which will lead to you feeling more ‘whole’ within yourself. Just like how grounded Earth signs are or like The World card in the Tarot, the Earth symbolizes reaching a sense of rooted completion and confidence.

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