Electrical Shock Dream Meaning

Someone who has been electrically shocked stands with wires in their hands and their hair fried.

Similar Dreams: Pain, Paralysis, Storm, Injury

Ouch! Not the type of dream you’d probably want to have, but an electrical shock can carry with it a dire warning.

If you are shocked by electricity in your dream world, you may be in for a rude awakening in your waking world. The shock could be pinpointing certain people or things in your life that are keeping things hidden from you.

Generally, electricity can be viewed as an idea or promise, but when there is a shock or wire involved this meaning leans heavily on warnings, responsibility, and possible danger.

Being shocked by electricity can be physically paralyzing, even if only for a few seconds. You may be feeling paralyzed by something in your life, or maybe something in your life is about to pull a stunt that will paralyze you physically, emotionally, or financially. Perhaps you are entering an area of life or society that is taboo, and the shock in your dream could be trying to prevent you from doing so.

Knowing where the shock started, who started it, and what the overall feeling of the shock and events associated with it will help you determine the true intent and meaning of the dream.

Dreaming A Minor Electric Shock

The type of dream where you have a minor electric shock (as in, it doesn’t affect you too badly) can be indicative of your strong personality and showing you that you can make major changes in your life. Just as a switch turns on representing new ideas in dreams, a slight shock can tell you to take that risk/leap in life and put yourself first. A small shock is a warning of what is to come if you do not make this change.

This type of dream serves to reinforce your sense of strength, so if you have this dream take it as a welcome one!

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Dreaming About Major Electrocution

This is when you can take the dream as a warning. Something in your life may be in for a huge shock. Pay attention to the details surrounding your dream as these will give you clues as to what this will be. This type of dream can indicate bad news and something you were not expecting.

A major electric shock can also indicate bad energy surrounding you. If you feel heavy, miserable, or dull in your waking life, this could be a sign there is bad energy around you. It could also mean there is bad energy where you sleep.

White sage and palo santo are good to burn around your bed in order to remove negative energy in the air.

Dreaming About Someone Else Being Shocked

This dream is indicative that someone you know is going to receive some shocking news.

You may not actually recognize the person in the dream, but they will represent someone you know. The person may not have their face, but they will have their name, for example.

Having this dream means that this person may need your support in the coming future. Take a close look at your surrounding and what they tell you when seeing other people or objects shocked. For example, if you see an identification card getting hit by lightning or surrounded by sparking wires, this could show that someone is questioning their identity and might be revealing this to you slowly or soon in one big piece.

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