If you are dreaming about an emergency, there is a situation in your life that your dream is trying to get you to pay attention to. The details in your dream will likely point you in the direction of the emergency in question, but if not, pay attention to the feelings and the “knowings” you experience in the dream. You may receive a sense of something, but not really see it in your dream. In this case you want to follow those cues in your waking life in order to release the emergency situation from both your dream and your latent realities.

An emergency room may appear in your dream. This often means one of two things. You may find yourself in an emergency room in the near future, so you want to pay very close attention to who appears in your dream with you. Is this person sick or injured? A message may need to be passed on to them to have their health checked. An emergency room in a dream is also often a sign that you are not leading the best lifestyle. Perhaps drugs or risky behaviour like dangerous driving or excessive alcohol use is present in your life, or in someone near to you. In this case the emergency room in your dream will be a warning that risky behaviour may catch up to you in your waking life in the near future.