Falling dreams are among the most common dream symbol, and the fall itself can be very scary in your waking life. The element of falling on its own however is not the most important dream symbol. The feelings associated with your falling are however the most important part of your dream. Are you falling but feeling free and light and happy to be released from something? The message may simply be that you are going to overcome some challenges in your waking life with ease. Pay attention to the details around the falling, and this fall will show you what area of your life you will be freeing yourself from very soon.

If however the dream of falling is accompanied with feelings of being afraid or scared, then you are being confronted with issues involving insecurity and a lack of control. The details and feelings around this fall will show you what you are feeling insecure over. Are you worried about your job? Your relationship? You may also be experiencing a lack of support in your every day life, and go through life feeling very afraid. Your dream then is showing you this, and may be telling you to work on your support system and engage in your social circle a little bit more so that you feel a little more connected and less fearful about life’s every day events.

If the fall involves water in your dream, know that your emotional centre is the centre of your dream. The dream then could be suggesting that you are feeling very overwhelmed by a situation in your every day life. You often will be pointed to solutions in this case, such as giving in, relinquishing those fears, or finding a way out of your fall. You may even find that you fall in water, suggesting that your emotions will actually save you from the situation you are dreaming about, so long as you are honest about them.