Fighting Dream Meaning

A man and a woman fight angrily in a park.

Similar Dreams: Quarrel, Race, Screaming, Sabotage

This often indicates there is a major problem in your waking life and it may require a new strategy in dealing with it.

Fighting is not the most pleasant thing to dream about, but dreaming about fighting by default indicates there is conflict in your life and, for some reason or another, it is not being resolved.

Fighting also points to war, which involves strategy. Dreams about fighting often highlight that it is time to employ a new strategy with the situation you are dealing with.

Dreaming about fighting is often a sign of emotional turmoil of some sort, and this is the case whether you are arguing with others in your dream or not.

Dreaming About Fighting With Someone You Know

You may have some cues about someone in your waking life, and experience arguing and fighting with them in your dream life. This suggests you are experiencing emotional turmoil about this person and examining their role in your waking life.

If this fighting in your dream is the kind where you will fight until someone or something is dead, then some old habits or relationships in your waking life need to be re-examined. You may also be experiencing a refusal to acknowledge your role in current problems and situations in your life.

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Dreaming About Seeing Others Fighting

If you are seeing others fight in your dream, and you are not a part of it, this suggests conflict around you that you are not aware of. It could also indicate that there is fighting around you in your life that you do know about, but you believe having a standoff approach would be better. Is it really though? This is the question you want to ask yourself in this case.

Intervening or acting as a portal of love to those that are arguing in your dream world could create a change in relationships in your life for the better.

Dreaming About Fighting With Intense Feelings of Anger

If you are feeling particularly angry in your dream while fighting, it indicates that you are stifling your emotions in real life.

Society does not approve of negative emotions and people often have to hide them. It is only natural that they should appear during our dreams, as the negative emotion gets filtered into our subconscious and eventually needs an outlet.

This outlet then appears in the form of dreams and can be distressing for the individual. The message from the subconscious here is to find a healthy way to deal with negative emotions during waking life so that it does not feel compelled to release them during sleeping life. Meditation, yoga, exercise, and creative projects can be excellent ways to release intense emotions while you are awake.

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