A forest is a symbol used in everything from ancient cultures to fairytales and folklore as a mysterious place to be. They are magical, dangerous, sacred, and contain secrets that can be very scary. All of the details in a forest will be subject to the interpreter, whether that is a dream sequence or not. You could enter a forest in real life and be terrified at the thought of bears in the woods, when bears do not even live well in that geographic location giving you nothing substantial to actually be afraid of. The same thing goes in your dreams. What are you afraid of as far as the forest is concerned if this is the predominant feeling? You also might be an adventurer and excited about the forest in your dream. This could suggest a new adventure or beginning is around the corner for you, or in progress for you when you have the dream. A forest symbol in your dream could also be just a simple suggestion that things in a current situation are a little fuzzy right now, more details will come to light once you take the plunge and dive in to see them for yourself.