Foxes in the spirit world and in the human plane are very cunning and sly. If you see a fox in your dream the message could be that someone around you possesses fox like qualities. The fox may also represent you in your dream. The details surrounding the fox that appears as well as any associated feelings you have about the fox will be particularly important in helping you decipher the presence of a fox in your dream. Many times spirit animals come to us in your dreams to let us know they are our guides, and this could also be the reason for a fox appearance in your dream. If this is the case then likely you are the type of person that approaches life with a great deal of cunning and strategic logic, and are very quick on your feet when it comes to solving problems. Although foxes can be pesky with a devious reputation, they are also very resourceful and never a bad sign to see if they appear in a dream as your spirit guide animal.