There are a number of potential meanings when you dream of gambling in your dream. One latent meaning is a literal meaning that you will be going on a trip, or engaging in gambling of some sort in your life in the near future. It could also simply mean that you have a gambling habit that is a part of your life. What are the other details in your dream? Are you gambling in your dream in an odd scenario, or a situation that seems out of place? Pay attention to those details. The gambling in your dream may mean then that you are taking a gamble in some area of your life. Will you win or lose? The details in the dream will reveal the outcome to you. If not, pay attention to the feelings you experience in your dream.

Are you nervous and anxious? Or joyous and elated? Nerves and fear accompanying the gambling suggest this is a bet you may want to walk away from. A joyous or excited feeling of celebration or winning in your life accompanying the gambling in your dream suggests this bet could pay off big time. Are there other figures or people in the dream? These will be key players in helping you ensure your bet pays off. If you are not typically a gambler, and like to play things safe in your waking life, the dream could be suggesting that you need to take a few more risks in your life. New changes and big opportunities only come to those that take big chances. Do you need to take one? You may just need to make a bold move with someone, or with a new job, and see where it takes you. Minimize your risk by following the good feelings when you see the symbol of gambling appear in your dream.