Guns Dream Meaning

A picture of a gun sitting on a concrete floor.

Similar Dreams: Pain, Quarrel, News, Prison

Dreaming about guns and what that specifically means to you will depend entirely on how you personally feel about guns.

You could be completely against gun use and have a dream where you are using one to hurt someone. The role that the gun plays in your dream will give you clues about what it means in your dream.

The gun symbol could be telling you that you have resources at your disposal to rid yourself of toxic people or dangerous people or situations in your life. It could also be telling you who you need to cut loose now before you wind up doing something that you will regret.

Dreaming about a gun can also have a powerful sexual meaning behind it and the repression of emotions.

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Dreaming Of Shooting A Gun

This is usually indicative of male sexuality. The gun is a defense against emotions. There is pressure on men in society to perform sexually, to have conquests. Failure to do so can result in the man feeling emasculated. A gun in the dream which doesn’t hit the target can indicate a man who feels he is underperforming sexually. This could apply to you or a male you know. If you are a female with strong masculine energy, this could also apply to you.

Dreaming about shooting a gun and hitting the target can indicate that you may have an underlying desire to assert yourself more in a sexual way.

When the dream does not have a sexual meaning, anxious feelings may be being repressed and there may be underlying hidden hostility, either within you or towards you.

Dreaming About Being Shot

If you dream of being shot it can be very frightening but this dream indicates you are feeling hurt by something or someone in your waking life.

Someone’s words may have pierced you or their actions have deeply wounded you. Assess your feelings during waking life to gain an understanding of this. You may feel that you have brushed aside a conflict, but dreaming about being shot indicates that the wound hit deeper than you may have realized.

Dreaming About Dodging A Gunshot

If you dream you’ve dodged a bullet then it is an indication that you literally have in your waking life!

A near miss regarding a relationship, a career, or other aspects of your life is likely. You may have had to make a decision and feel uncertain about whether you made the right one. This dream is your subconscious’ way of assuring you that you have done the right thing and not to worry.

Gun dreams are often a warning of some kind. Upon waking, it is important to assess the details of the dream to see which areas(s) of your life your gun dream is warning you about.

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