There are many different meanings for hair in your dream, so know that if the notion of your hair is important in your dream, the message is very important. In many cases, hair symbolizes our sexuality, so you want to really pay attention to what the issue with your hair is in your dream. Is it knotted and tangled? Then perhaps your relationships need a little boost. Hair also represents fertility, so if you dream of hair and are trying to have a baby, the condition of your hair will illustrate your outcome with your fertility dreams.

If you dream of losing your hair, or cutting your hair off, you are experiencing a loss of strength or identity in your waking life. You might be changing relationships, or you might be changing jobs, or you may fear either of these things and see these fears manifesting in your dreams. Another common hair dream is your hair suddenly turning white. White hair in waking life represents wisdom and maturity, and the same symbolism applies in your dream. A sudden turning of hair color to white suggests you are coming in a knowing or sudden awareness in your waking life. You may discover something about someone else in your life for example. Something may be about to be made known to you in the form of an insight or hunch as well.

Sudden white hair can also represent sudden psychic hunches or the realization of a psychic gift. If the wind is blowing in your hair in your dream, the message is that you are experiencing a kind of freedom in your waking life as well. Maybe you are on vacation or simply taking a break from the grind? Or maybe you need to? If the condition of your hair is in poor shape in your dream, or you even find strange things like bugs or dirt coming out of your dream, there is an area of your life that is in disarray that you will want to attend to in order to feel more order in your life. Very often, the details in the hair dream will reveal exactly what you need to attend to in order to restore order in your waking life.