If you dream of ice, or see a symbol that contains ice in your dream, or you have a very general sense of ice from a dream, there are a number of meanings for you. Being faced with a general ice situation is an indication that you are feeling frozen in some area in your life. Pay attention to the other dream details to find out what area that might be. Are your thoughts frozen in some way or form? Have you been holding out on someone emotionally? Are you concerned that someone else may be holding out on you?

Ice in general suggests that you are either taking too many risks, or need to take a few more. If you dream of a fall onto ice, your frozen emotions are about to create a very big fall for you. You may want to warm things up in your waking life by being more open to those around you. If you see ice melting in your dream, then your frozen issues will soon become a thing of the past.​